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by:Level      2020-07-17
With the development of science and technology, the 21st century, intelligent life gradually entered our field of vision. With our daily life apt to smart door lock. Smart locks gradually replace our traditional mechanical locks, more and more influence on our lives. 1, security door lock is the family property safety and personal safety control line, but now in the domestic of traditional locks already could not reach the requirements of guard against theft, the thief can not one minute can open a door, no security at all. Compared with the traditional mechanical locks, smart door lock structure by mechanical, electronic board, refers to the venous inserted core of characteristic collection device and other components, these components mutual cooperation between smart door lock more wisdom. Warning sound when encountered lock-picking outlaws remind someone illegally unlock, high-quality materials and perfect composite structure can prevent violence unlock more have a very good protection effect and refers to the vein intelligence door lock must be living to identify, prevent the counterfeit and copy, one hundred times safer than mechanical lock. 2, go out don't have to take the key out four items are now id, mobile phone, keys and wallet, the whole set of keys to bring us a lot of trouble, put him forget, put in my pocket also was afraid, scary all day. The emergence of the smart door lock solves this problem. Finger is the key, through the fingers connected to lock the door open, put a finger, open easily, convenient and quick. Smart door locks changed all that, it saves a lot of complicated open steps, one pace reachs the designated position can open the door. It is with the characteristics of fast, safe, intelligent quietly changing people's life, people no longer worry for the keys, don't worry about home security and, even in the process of using smart door lock reflect her life taste, take your time to enjoy life.
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