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by:Level      2020-07-12
At present due to the rapid development of science and technology developed, manufacturing, market provided various fingerprint door lock, how to choose in many complex purpose fingerprint door lock you like and value of fingerprint door lock, is a difficult problem faced by many dilettante consumer, broad consumer awareness when the choose and buy goods, avoid to enter shopping myth, in this on the fingerprint door lock introduce inductive contrast with other inferior door lock, the hope can give you help. Fingerprint door lock & lt; Surface treatment & gt; Comparison: fingerprint door lock with a less known and inferior brand: there are grains of sand surface, matte, uneven color, the cost problem, do not use plating, and use spray paint, spray paint just surface protection, easy to corrosion. Fingerprint door lock: electroplating smooth surface without sand, uniform color, golden adopt best PVD plating processing, durable 15 years do not fade, zinc alloy silver with chrome plating, good wear resistance, rust, thickness of 0. 1 to 0. 2 microns, anti-corrosion, salt fog test for 48 hours fingerprint door lock & lt; Material handling & gt; Contrast: fingerprint door lock with a less known and inferior brand: stainless steel, 201 stainless steel, nickel content is lower than 304, the corrosion is very poor, easy to rust. Pure copper: claims that pure copper, actual it is imitation gold plating steel fingerprint door lock, stainless steel, the intensity of corrosion of 304 stainless steel. Pure copper: imported high quality brass rod. Zinc alloy, room temperature mechanical properties, good wearability plating adhesion fingerprint door lock & lt; Lock body processing & gt; Contrast: fingerprint door lock with a less known and inferior brand: outsourcing lock body, assembly to sell directly, to save costs, using small tongue lock body, lock body or no insurance pose a safety hazard, the structure is loose, easily jammed phenomenon, no alarm function, without fire certification fingerprint door lock: independent production, improvement: low consumption parts, convenient installation, long service life ( More than 15 years) With insurance tongue: pry proof, prevent plugging. Lock tongue: change stress points, five times stronger than other brand lock tongue hardness, not easy to break, bend and latch components: using a rotary transmission. The overall structure is reasonable, compact mechanical connection, not all rely on oil lubrication, pin lock tongue/under-voltage alarm prompt, lock body through the national a-class fire certification. Fingerprint door lock & lt; Design process & gt; Fingerprint door lock: contrast: a less known and inferior brand launch very slow, there is no specific development department, nearly a few years will not launch new product, the design is old, not new. Fingerprint door lock: is there a dedicated development department, according to market demand, almost every year will launch a new product, according to the different needs of customers, divided into high school low-grade. All not specified & quot; Manuscript source & quot; Content are reprinted draft, & lt; Intelligent lock & gt; Website reprint, editing, for information purposes; For reprint manuscript involves the copyright issues, please contact the author us!
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