In what the fingerprint lock more confident at home? Guaranteed!

by:Level      2020-07-25
In what the fingerprint lock more confident at home? Guaranteed! Smart era, select fingerprint lock is not only a symbol of identity, but also the need of nervous rhythm of life. Convenient, stable, rest assured products derived from 20 years of experience in product research and development production, confidence and responsibility to protect your home! Adhere to the principle of the supremacy of the quality of fingerprint lock, the raw materials, processing, product design of choose and buy, fingerprint locks, trick lock etc. Product tests are implemented strict quality management. Produced by the advantage of fingerprint lock, fingerprint lock is to don't have to carry keys, thus reducing the forgot to bring my keys lost, can't find the key, the key problems. In today's changing, security doors as household necessities into almost every home in the country, and convenient advantage on fingerprint anti-theft lock because of its function, and the high security of the fingerprint lock, become the security door preferred partner! Household fingerprint lock B anti-theft lock core, adopting the company independent research and development by a single bead marbles, slider marbles, suspension marbles to interact with double roller super B class lock, with mutual opening rate is low, performance is strong, the technical opening, guard against pry open drilling with keys, etc. OLED display, can visually display the current operation and locks using state, according to the prompt of screen to open the lock of the door, set the lock information, and check the door lock open notes, etc. All rights reserved:
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