Induction card intelligent lock product advantage for you to create a consortium and convenient life

by:Level      2020-07-28
1, microcomputer chip control, smart door lock circuit circuit with information error correction function, make the circuit more stable processing information, induction door lock with double clock correction error rate is extremely low, induction door lock using wireless data collector for locks maintenance, open the door to record data is extremely convenient. 2, the new IC card and magnetic card door lock, the guest CARDS with a magnetic card, administrator and maintenance information by IC card, magnetic card read head card module has its own encryption algorithm. 3, has always insisted on product genuine materials, such as nominal pure copper panels, handle must be pure copper, such as nominal 304 stainless steel material must be 304 stainless steel. Selects the import high quality of pure copper forging brass rod. The thickness and the weight of the panel can guarantee. Electrodeposited coating can reach the standard salt spray test. 4, the strengthening of the improved structure of side force most concentrated in the side of the tongue tongue's thick tongue ( 12 mm thick) Added to the location of the stress point distance shortened a lot of strength of the improved the tongue more than five times. And other brands in the original structure of the improved lock body force a large proportion of the distribution to the tongue is the most weakness tongue tail ( 3 mm thick) Force a home front position, the tongue tongue curved tail into the tongue can't go back door lock can't open it. Don't be other so-called small lock body or is misled by a new type of lock body, because that kind of lock body is in the structure of household door lock force equipped with electric control part and transformation, by using the environment and use different frequency in this kind of lock body so poor performance and life is limited. 5, smart door locks lock body on the basis of the original foreign famous brand lock body was improved and the structure of the lock body at home and abroad is the highest utilization rate, reasonable structure, low wear parts, high performance, easy installation, long service life, the normal service life is more than 15 years, has been affected by the user high praise, insurance, locked and generous tongue tongue has the function of preventing plug, pry
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