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by:Level      2020-07-27
Innovations, fission reshaping, produced a fission hotel locks. Let's look at this kind of fission HTY - hotel lock 600 - 249. 1. Break the pattern of fission design: design, from the traditional locks at the same time cater to decorate innovation to create new era hotel environment. In the case of safety performance, also has contracted, fashionable appearance level appearance, attract the attention of people. 2. On IML induction panel: adopt international advanced technology on IML, surface is more level texture, colour and lustre is in acrylic, more durable and surface strength of 3 h. 3. Hidden lock hole: double row bead hidden lock hole, high safety, also does not affect the whole beautiful sex. 4. USB interface provided with emergency power, is equipped with MICRO USB emergency power supply, charging treasure for temporary power supply are available, and to lock in the hotel under the condition of the battery without electricity. 5. A number of alarm prompt, real-time control: with low electric alarm, door does not close the alarm and card read error alarm prompt, such as high safety and convenient management. 6. Material selection, quality never do: a selection of 304 stainless steel lock body lock tongue, extension and thicken design, anti-collision, pry, sawing, all-round guardian.
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