Intelligence can lock safety and convenience features, also enhance intelligence lock market value | |

by:Level      2020-07-02
The emergence of intelligent lock to modern people's life has brought great convenience. For example, we don't have to go out now double checking if they forget to take the key, go to work or outside unlocked remotely via mobile phone to check the family to go out into the situation. Or rent houses can automatically add or remove tenant fingerprint, don't need to change the lock and so on. And through induction card, digital password, fingerprint lock, especially fingerprints as a unique password is widely used in lock, make the door in the same way as a fingerprint to open the mobile phone is convenient, big people unlock convenient and quick. Safety is the basic needs of each family original, whether in the urban rural, people are more willing to give up spending on security, often the more rich more insecure. In recent years, the main high-grade residential intelligent security system has become one of the selling point of property developers sales. As this year policy announcement, tear open wall, build an open community security will become even more strong demand among urban families. For the family, and personal and property security concerns, people often will not easily change door locks and other security equipment, basic use cycle will be up to 5 ~ 8 years. Smart locks, in People's Daily life, itself is quite rigid requirements, and smart locks some safety, convenient features can meet the needs of users, the cooler the user experience, greatly improve the quality of life. In this case, the intelligent lock undoubtedly has great market value. Difference from general intelligent household products, intelligent lock with its massive family the strong demand of the users, clear and true pain points, use of high frequency viscosity etc, become smart home market to be bestowed favor on newly, no doubt. At the same time, the intelligence can lock safety and convenience features, also greatly enhanced intelligent lock market value.
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