Intelligent anti-theft door lock? Anti-theft door lock price?

by:Level      2020-07-06
With the continuous development of science and technology, the door lock technology, intelligent anti-theft door lock. For this new product, a lot of people, he is not very understanding, there is a intelligent anti-theft door lock is good, price how anti-theft door lock, in doubt. Intelligent anti-theft door lock? Good convenience: intelligent anti-theft door locks in the convenience is an important driving force of everyone to buy. The current intelligent anti-theft locks, there are several basic open means: fingerprints, password, credit card, remote control, mobile phones, keys. Some still with face recognition, iris. In general, most people only need fingerprints or password or credit card is ok, don't need to carry the key, so it is very convenient. Operation simple and easy to understand: the most intelligent anti-theft door lock on the market has voice prompt functions, guide operation for the user to open the door all the way, can let users to use more easy to understand, especially the old person or child. Safer: currently on the market popular intelligent anti-theft locks, panel mostly USES the alloy material, there are some stainless steel, metal material is generally strong. Using semiconductor fingerprint biometric fingerprint head, not easy to be copied, identify fast. The password for the phantom password, can be set 6 - 12 passwords, can add Numbers, before and after the young to prevent others from fingerprints imprinting traces view password cracking a password. Equipped with high frequency chip card, not easy to break, support the village entrance guard system used. In addition, with low electric alarm and riot police, and other functions. Can say security is assured security locks the price? As the intelligent anti-theft door lock convenience recognized by many users, is one who has a wide prospect of market. Took a fancy to the market, many vendors are so smart door lock brands currently on the market a dime a dozen. Anti-theft door lock prices differ greatly, so the market price of the span is very big, have I also have a good, why the gap, the main brand is different, fingerprint head adopts different, the main material is different, the lock core is different, different after-sales service level. Buy anti-theft locks, should pay attention to choose the brand products, like fingerprint lock quality assured products. That is about the intelligent anti-theft door lock is good, anti-theft door lock price how related introduction, hope is helpful for you to choose the fingerprint lock.
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