Intelligent anti-theft lock gradually joined the elements, reveal the humanized function | |

by:Level      2020-07-28
People living standard rise, the improvement of housing condition, safe, convenient, comfortable of household environment for people have a higher pursuit. Fingerprint door lock must become locks the market leader. At present, the door lock market is given priority to with mechanical lock, mechanical lock basically has a hand locks and core door lock. But the fingerprint anti-theft locks than other locks in anti-theft performance, the applicable scope of superior indoor door locks and security door lock because of its value, the function different, demand level also gradually incline to two levels. Currently both door industry manufacturers and consumers in the choose and buy when indoor door lock is the appearance of the product and price, often ignored the quality of the products. As a result of high-end indoor door locks sales cold. While consumers is preferred for mid-range interior door locks, but high-grade security door locks are gradually become the industry sales of the mainstream. This is mainly because of the high-end security door lock has very high security performance, can ensure users to life and property security. Is the security door locks began to get rid of the heavy on the other hand, the shortcomings, such as modelling single widely joined the touch screen, password, fingerprint, high-tech, intelligent elements, such as more reveals the human nature. More and more intelligent residential area have the smart anti-theft lock locks as standard equipped with within the community, smart locks instead of traditional development irreversible fact, lock is a lock in the forefront of fingerprint anti-theft lock market now, the future will be and wealth hug!
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