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by:Level      2020-07-03
Now many families are beginning to accept and install smart door locks, in general, most families are mainly guard against theft, the standard of security doors for smart door lock is very fit. So security doors how those types? 1. Colored steel security door on the market is popular a kind of security doors, is characterized by colorful style variety, meet young people's aesthetic. Maintenance is simple. 2. Use stainless steel security door number is more, need to distinguish whether the steel quality for 304, when buying material for the life of the door and anticorrosion. 3. Rolled steel security door on the market more products have hot and cold rolling production, high intensity, material and craft is advanced, security against the violence. 4. Pure copper door put in fire prevention, anti-corrosion, pry, dustproof, etc all have good performance, the material is good, but the price is higher, suitable for financial institutions, senior residential villas, etc. 5. Cast aluminum security doors also called cast aluminum explosion door, use special industrial aluminum data according to a strict set of mechanics, equipped with high-performance hardware fittings, already practical beautiful. Suitable for personalized and high-end places, bulletproof explosion-proof high safety, for security doors top-level configuration. These standards can be equipped with installation of door of guard against theft that smart door locks, the two work together, let the security level to the next level, better to protect home safe!
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