Intelligent electronic anti-theft door lock is the real estate industry has a great potential new direction | demonstration |

by:Level      2020-07-06
Meet the demand of increasingly younger purchasing group intelligence, the optimization of community intelligence, environmental protection, safety management, catering to the intelligent trend of fine decoration housing, intelligent electronic anti-theft door lock is new model direction of the real estate industry has great potential. In the future of real estate development, represented by intelligent electronic anti-theft door lock intelligent household will become an important force to resident personal id information with unlock information corresponding to match, the property can be mobile phone keys for convenient management of residents. Assuming the residents lost phone, management can also immediately on the management system disable one mobile phone keys, greatly improve the degree of community safety and convenient management, put an end to a lot of potential safety hazard, can also be effective to notify property, vehicle access control, security monitoring, such as focus on information management platform, a mobile phone solve the problem of owner one cartoon. The real estate market is not a constant temperature environment, for developers, to improve the competitive ability of the intrinsic value and yes a way out. The smart home as a new highlight of fine decoration, has been favored by the developer.
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