Intelligent electronic locks: let the older patients in accordance with the 'lock'

by:Level      2020-08-05
Response to small make up many stores sales, many old customers to buy intelligent electronic lock is slightly concerns. Many older elderly people have a kind of want to try on new things, but the heart has doubts about the complex mood, worry about their old make uncertain complicated intelligent products, but also for the advantages of the intelligent electronic lock has heard earlier, itch to try. According to the 2017 empty nester survey report shows that the ageing population has 1. 6. 9 billion, 12% of the population, empty nest old man also has about 70 million, including old people who live alone accounted for 40%, that is to say, each has a five elderly people to live alone. Now young people busy enterprise, many are not in their parents, home with two old people at home, old occasionally go out for a walk, and forgot to bring my keys is also common, usually someone to open the lock, is neither convenient nor safe. How to avoid this happens again and again? To install a intelligent electronic lock is indeed a good choice. With the popularity of intelligent security concept, with parents experience buying their children more and more intelligent electronic lock. Along with an ageing population and a second child birth policy open, the proportion of the elderly, children's population is to further improve, intelligent locks compared with traditional locks, more suitable for the elderly and children, not only solve the problem of no key to open the door of convenience, security, but also the quality. So how do you in the vast sea 'lock' choose a suitable for old people to use intelligent electronic lock? Let below small make up to share a thing or two. 1, biometric somebody else have a bad memory, forgot to take my keys, IC card, or forget the password, if it is purely mechanical locks and electronic combination lock, etc are not appropriate, fusion of biometrics smart locks for the trend of The Times, because the body is with 'password'. 2, tall, part of the old man but with fuzzy fingerprint recognition rate when using the fingerprint device can't collection, identification, therefore is not affected by surface condition fingers smart locks, the intelligent electronic locks of fingerprint recognition rate and boomed from have higher requirements. Quality high intelligent electronic lock whether old finger desquamate, pale, dry and wet conditions, such as do not affect the use. 3, security, good old people who live alone is often don't have much demand for locks product appearance, but the security is indispensable key demand, which has the function of alarm intelligent electronic lock is more suitable for old people to use, low voltage alarm will timely remind the old man was the replacement of battery was reduced, the pry alarm protection but also can bring the old man the first time. With the popularity of intelligent products, intelligent life is everywhere. Small a intelligent electronic lock is not only an important part of intelligent security, but also outside their children to parents of a safe, convenient and the wisdom of the old life. Wish all the old man can enjoy intelligent life safety and convenient as soon as possible.
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