Intelligent fingerprint combination lock five will purchase principle

by:Level      2020-07-01
One of the main function of smart home or target is to improve the efficiency of the user's daily family life, make life more simple, with the rising status of fingerprint combination lock, user requirement for fingerprint open and password open more and more high, and a better user experience nature become an important index of fingerprint combination lock. Any fingerprint combination lock electronic parts have the possibility of errors or missing in the battery time, relatively stable mechanical parts to some, as home standby reserves the mechanical lock key to open the door, can be in door lock electronic part lays in a timely manner to open the door and convenient maintenance. So, in the process of choose and buy, want to know what kind of door knowledge, as intelligent household products can fingerprint combination lock is more popular? From a user perspective, should have the following five principles. Select lock function, on the one hand, is to meet their own needs, on the other hand is also in choosing the quality of the lock. A professional enterprise often have many electronic lock for the user to choose from. Users tend to choose to use their own products: used in door, divided into metal door and wooden door, interior door have users, common to the wooden door and so on. A, can provide many fingerprint to open the door, A home or office is often more than one or two people) , the product quality stability, can be good; B, can share permissions to open the door, Can't allow householders and nannies, cleaners have the same open management permissions) C, are free to open the fingerprint (increase or decrease Nanny quit can easily remove her fingerprints) D, take appropriate password function, is the development trend of touch screen buttons, temporary circumstances can use the password to open the door, the head of the household commonly used or the old man often rough fingers touch type of work is the fingerprint crack more advice big keys touch features of fingerprint trick lock, the 918 crown series such as fingerprint combination lock. E, must be with mechanical key, this is an alternate way to open the door, like planes, qi car despite automatic control state, but not retained artificial control part, this is a kind of security concerns. Think if there was a fire in the home, or the thief was damaged due to not pry open the lock your door lock the electronic part of what would you do? Don't covet the so-called psychological without holes, and posterior regardless of buy, select the key to the no mechanical lock, but the assembly of mechanical locks atoms to reach more than class B anti-theft locks, etc. F, the structure of life as long as determined by the clutch, the structure of the lock body movement, the movement of the hand structure. (1) because it is a mechanical and electrical products, mechanical and electrical drive assembly, the clutch is very important, press close to 20 years of industry experience to analyze, to combine the domestic production technology, spiral spring transmission lock pin mechanism, a hush plows the driving stability of structure, the electromagnetic suction type to be market validation, because of difference of precision and materials in some process is feasible at home may not adapt to abroad. (2) to choose a good lock body. The performance of the lock body quality is directly related to your door pry protective performance and stability. This part is very important also, fingerprint combination lock again good, still cannot leave a part of the lock. Always on the market, be said on both shiva said shiva. Refer to how to choose the manufacturer, choose a good factory, listen to their, qualified manufacturer will give opening and closing lock body life, hand opening and closing life of experimental data, the lock body have the lock tongue axial and lateral force data support, national class B standard lock tongue lateral force of 3000 n force. H, other bells and whistles is smaller. According to individual needs, such as, more a function of the possibility of a bad, bad product you don't trim, after repair, repair personnel will charge you upkeep ( Especially those some informal brand not unified charging standards) 。 3, style: for lock pattern choice, one man's meat is another man's poison, this part is bad. In general, the material and shape and color. At present the field of the lock body material market is given priority to with stainless steel and zinc alloy, aluminum alloy, plastic. As a new technology products, personal choice you prefer some of tonal and supplement the sense of science and technology style. Fingerprint combination lock according to the level of security can be divided into: regular and guard against theft, normal use commonly write in office building, anti-theft type is mostly used in individual villa, residential, government agencies, hospitals, scientific research units. Guard against theft to grade C standard. Trick lock, the family just use fingerprints or need to replace a new fingerprint combination lock, in fact, the fingerprint personalized combination lock not only can enhance the viscosity of family, but also plays an important role in improving the efficiency of intelligent household operation.
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