Intelligent fingerprint combination lock, opens the door to the noble life!

by:Level      2020-08-11
School always can't afford to stay in bed until the last again sounded alarm clock rush out of bed hurried ran downstairs always forgetful but never worry because there are parents told grew up, a person working in the field went downstairs to throw garbage, go out with a newspaper a accidentally locked himself in the door at night, a man came back from work would never someone waiting at home with a tired tossed and turned back to the door of the rental bag, pocket, finally find the key in the work of the city has abetted home to mom and dad took a lot of trouble, let mom and dad busy dizzy his toys all over the ground key again don't know where to parents is becoming more and more day to days old eye keyhole is too small to grope for half a day before, we are going to go out every time when my parents always told us the keys, now forget everything became they know the importance of family in your heart under the product details enough kung fu made careful consideration for door locks to choose well-known brand smart door lock password, fingerprint, keys and 4 big unlock door way layers of protection, for security checks for built a warm family safety protective layer of 01 fingerprint introduction to unlock using high-frequency red fingerprint sensor system, efficient identification lock fingerprints, the temperature of human body, and even the speed of blood flow also has certain requirements, such as to keep away any protesters - expected to be the copy with the use of the hidden trouble of the fingerprint, well solved the problem of the others to copy the key to open the door, close, direct and exclusive unlock way let you travel all can rest assured that occupy the home. 02 introduction to secret code to unlock technology, aesthetic design, touch for the innovation of technology, intelligent combination lock, prevent snooping, encryption, high reliable door combination lock. 03 brush card introduction to unlock intelligent induction card identification, convenient operation and convenience for the children in the home, the door card close to the induction area corresponding to unlock the door card number flashing move door, trustworthy. 4 key introduction to key to unlock the original way of mechanical key to open the lock, to follow your original life habit, not only retain the key to open the door model, with the bell button, simple and convenient, friends visit multiple function complete, unique series unlocked.
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