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by:Level      2020-07-01
According to the market feedback, compared with intelligent fingerprint lock a variety of intelligent and convenient unlock function, users' security and stability of the intelligent fingerprint lock itself even more demanding. There are many stunt is greater than the practical value on the market at present, the excessive pursuit of aesthetic, Material plasticity) To sacrifice safety intelligent fingerprint lock products, this is not only to the intelligent fingerprint lock market credit overdraft, and damage to brand their long-term development, whatever the form of a lock transformation, people constant demand for safety first, and then it is more convenient and intelligent pursuit. Due to the particularity of intelligent fingerprint lock, the lock once appear problem, can not like other products can delay time for solve, must be the sooner, the better the door to solve the problem, it's about intelligent fingerprint lock brand service ability is put forward to the test, it is also an important weight measure brand strength. Some intelligent fingerprint lock to quickly open the market situation, the use of the Internet platform or & other; Light heavy online, offline & throughout; Model of development, carries on the type of market spoil things by excessive enthusiasm, harvest later cannot follow up service, will bring adverse consequences to the brand development. Here, once again appreciate the h. s. Dillon priority offline channel layout, focus on product sales and brand after advancing at the same time, the re-examination O2O mode of market development strategy, a glimpse of a nail into the B2C market. Overall, the intelligent fingerprint lock in market size, development environment, occupies the right place, right time and in such aspects as technological breakthroughs, 2017 will be intelligent fingerprint lock market explosive growth of the first year, is also a smart market competition intensified. For intelligent fingerprint lock brand, marketing, products and services of three & other; Throughout the REINS &; Not lax, and even offline channels to the pace of development will have on the competitiveness of the brand plays an important role.
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