Intelligent fingerprint lock bend force to build a home security guard | |

by:Level      2020-07-01
Door lock, household safety barrier, equivalent to a household security guard. The quality of the door and lock decides the household safety coefficient. According to the news, all the large cities of our country, at present most of the residential buildings to still use the traditional mechanical lock, only high-grade residential area or villa LouYuCai will use high-end smart locks, of which only to Banks to use lock for security. With the growing of urban household security, intelligent lock gradually become today's popular lock products. On the market at present, intelligent lock has formed a certain brand team, fingerprint lock in intelligent lock has been in a leading position, widely praised by all. Intelligent fingerprint lock is favored by consumers, the reason is that its products of high quality, safe and convenient. Man has always insisted on & other; The science and technology and innovation of science and technology is productivity, can continue to promote the competitiveness of the brand & throughout; , after 20 years of struggle, has become one of the ten famous brands in China smart door lock. Compared with other brands of smart lock, intelligent fingerprint lock has many patent technology title, a model of intelligent locks in the industry. The development direction of intelligent locks mainly safety and convenience of gating, building intelligent lock has diversified security open means, on the open safety and convenience are a must. Intelligent fingerprint lock open abnormal & other; Agile & throughout; And usually only 0. 2 seconds, easy instant touch point open, quick and accurate. At the same time, use the password to open means greatly reduce the possibility of a password leak or be malicious to steal, because it has adopted unique cipher technology, namely before and after the code add a password, so as to improve safety. Product in fingerprint lock, fingerprint identification algorithm can say is the core of the fingerprint identification, and adopt international top fingerprint recognition algorithm, to achieve a number of technical breakthrough beyond. Excellent industrial design technology of quality fingerprint lock is in the all-powerful locks in the industry. Industrial products need & other; Inside and outside and repair & throughout; , locks products refined in appearance design is contracted, fully embodies the humanization of the product and the time feeling. In essence, also of great contributions to the development of the appearance of the door lock for security fingerprint lock into the appearance of the design for all kinds of high quality. And home security guard, bring new upgrade for the majority of residents sense of security.
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