Intelligent fingerprint lock big national brand companies yong carry electronic lock industry as own duty

by:Level      2020-07-01
Recently, huawei lawsuit samsung patent infringement event maxed out IT circles both at home and abroad, regardless of the outcome, at the international giant samsung, huawei proprietary ace, reflecting the domestic manufacturers have from patent 'chase' into a 'leader'. In deep, patent battle between samsung and huawei can boost the confidence of the Chinese nation enterprise, speed up innovation, accelerate the patent layout. For enterprises, without innovation spirit is no patent technology, no patent technology is not competitive. Relative to the huawei lead patent counter attack, known as the 'fingerprint door lock pioneers' group, its rise road no doubt more 'national color'. In the field of intelligent lock, understand the group knows that, since 1993, began to implement technology research and development of engine lead the development of the enterprise management strategy, configure a sound technical research and development center, and is equipped with professional technical intelligence, pay attention to technology innovation and patent technology research, after 20 years of development, from the patent application number to invention patent grant, especially effective quantity of invention and technical invention patent, the ownership group are dominant; Also because of the accumulation of core technology and invention patent layout attentively, make smart lock no matter on the overseas market and domestic market share has always been in the industry forefront. Guangdong modern intelligent lock production base of a country's national brand is a carrier and national pride and self-esteem, which does not have a national brand, loses the ability to compete. At present there are self technology in the intelligent lock industry, research and development ability and scale production capacity of domestic brands are numbered, cause a large intelligent lock industry a few years ago a few domestic well-known brand is the situation of the foreign capital merger and acquisition; This to some extent, reflects the enterprise on the independent innovation consciousness and ability of sad reality, some enterprises in the patent number is on the rise, but only simple stay in the surface appearance design level, the core, 'gold content' of the invention patent accounted for the proportion of seldom or ignored. It is in this background, the oath to yong intelligent lock industry national brand as own duty, for the past 23 years, sticks to the philosophy of technology to promote enterprise development, constantly developing innovative new products, leading the industry trend. Its 'electrical and mechanical rapidly swap the lock function, can the reversing lock hold hand structure, automatic focus optical fingerprint device', such as patent technology, every achievement output rapidly promote technological progress and development of the industry; This year can be 'quick, quick fix' 'af semiconductor recognition' 'mechanical and electrical separation module' invention patent technology ( 918 - New concept, 918-88 Series 80 glory fingerprint lock products) , is a complete reversal of traditional product technology research and development mode, industry technical experts, refreshing. Americans pride themselves on huawei perfect interpretation of a new, modern Chinese enterprise brand, with 'smart door lock into' as the enterprise mission, carry intelligent lock national brand colors yong, the national enterprise for intelligent lock industry made good example to the development of the exhibition. To challenge the industry peak, the group of '365' takeoff plan has been fully implemented. Innovation mode, spanning development; We believe that, with strong capital, technology research and development and manufacturing strength will become smart lock industry leader in the market, become a respected national brands.
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