Intelligent fingerprint lock, decorate for 9 months on a perfect full stop!

by:Level      2020-07-01
Decorate a nine-month has finally ended. Because family is small, we chose the most province way to set the kitchen space, want to colour ambry originally, more show the opinions of the husband is white space is large, then change to this, the small family friend suggest that can use this option. Do feel clear a lot at home. Zhejiang taizhou too cold in winter. The bathroom bath bully effect is not ideal. Design is not reasonable, of course, is also the main reason, late to improve. The friends we jiangsu region, in the design of the bathroom shower room, must pay attention to the design of heating and effect! But beg nice living room is the best visual effects, the wooden sofa with the mat, in the winter, the summer off. Is suitable and practical. The decoration of the room is the husband to pick, online for a most, decorate part is really quite simple. I want to say soft outfit is really important! But really want to spend time and effort! ! Is my daughter's room design, for the Lord will lie cabinet do very little, so this design full of the wall cabinet, ha ha, daughter said a little soil, but very pleased with the collocation of objects. I want to say is, refer to the old man a lot of advice, somewhat, but also practical lot indeed. Helpless, the family spent nearly a year to me attentively to decorate should not praise, has been praised only fingerprint lock both the atmosphere and to use, must be in the outside door installation, it makes my heart slightly feeling imbalance! Install the fingerprint lock reason: the daughter later don't hang your keys on the neck, the husband is not afraid of lost the key to my parents no longer afraid of couldn't find the key. ( Apparently they'll have to give my parents also install a. ) The husband with a cell phone device picture, everyone will see, at first I decided to use the fingerprint lock, all people are still too expensive, too. I will lose 1: dollars is equivalent to the price of a leather coat! Can protect the family, but also from all sorts of trouble in the future. To push through. Thanks brother is recommended, has its own domestic large-scale production line, after is guaranteed. I checked on the net, did the giants of the brand. 22 years intelligent lock production experience become the first three domestic brands, then set the was completely impressed you. Later find general agent in zhejiang province to buy, the price preferential a lot. Perhaps, life is such pesters may not please you. By hand a thing, it would be a win.
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