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by:Level      2020-07-01
In today's rapid development of the Internet era, the Internet changed the way we live, the Internet and Internet of things are undergoing profound changes, the object in life are the Internet and becomes vivid, and every day requires frequent contact and use the door lock can't link. An intelligent fingerprint locks appeared now, don't you take a look at the experience? Intelligent fingerprint lock solve many embarrassing if you have a lot of time stood in the door, only to find that can't find the key? Are you so many times I have hands hanging heavy shopping bags, wish a & other; Open sesame & throughout; Can pa me open the door? Are you many times about friends visit, first come into your house, crouching at your door and you only worry like a cat on hot bricks? These embarrassing questions about locks intelligent fingerprint lock can be solved. Intelligent fingerprint lock can achieve & other; Touch the lock & throughout; “ User rights management & throughout; “ Real-time view & throughout; “ Intelligent alarm & throughout; And other functions. Imagine your fingers gently press the door is opened the how convenient! Safety performance is high, of course, lock safe, is the basic demands of intelligent fingerprint lock is no exception. When you use the password to open the door, this kind of intelligent fingerprint lock to distinguish real password in any code input combination, so don't worry about the password leak; It has safety protection intelligent early warning function at the same time, different from general low-level door lock is disassembled by any external force way, just open the speed response mechanism, the door will be the first call the police, and push the alarm message to trigger a key function of alarm for help. Intelligent fingerprint lock mechanism is to make the door lock can't receive the thief bandits damage or directly open the lock; Advanced lock warning function to avoid infringement of the right of family property, only the owner of the input fingerprint to open the door, the other no input fingerprint delinquents as long as a close door lock is less than 5 seconds will trigger the alarm system, and even began to have no chance to remove the door lock. In intelligent fingerprint lock battery runs out quickly, and it will be prompted to master timely replacement battery. Compared to traditional door lock, the advantage of intelligent fingerprint lock is not need to carry keys, or can easily change the password, do not need to directly change or reconfiguring the key lock. Compared with the traditional locks or combination lock, intelligent fingerprint lock key function is a fingerprint, password, etc. Intelligent fingerprint lock on real significance to promote home security to practical market stage, about property safety and the safety of life, after all, door lock, not rely on advertising to play out, and need products by consumers to use after the results of the real response. Intelligent fingerprint lock is more than a handful of locks, home security steward.
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