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by:Level      2020-07-01
Believe that many people had a similar problem, forgot to bring my keys, the door is locked at home, Key to conveniently, a bit not careful I can't find it; Security door broken led residential stolen, and so on. The emergence of intelligent fingerprint lock, well solved the problem of the common people have a headache. At present, as the intelligent household accelerated popularization, intelligent fingerprint lock started getting more and more users recognition and popularity. Brush can enter without a key, fingerprint to the door, see in the sci-fi scenarios, now has entered into our lives. Intelligent fingerprint lock focus for trust! However many consumer the inadequate cognition of intelligent fingerprint lock, the hard to avoid in the process of choose and buy, small make up take this from three aspects to guide everyone a way, the lock is first unlock, iris, face recognition, mobile phone remote, App technologies such as the use of more and more widely, but for now, such as technical stability remains to be perfect, from safety considerations, not without a flaw. Fingerprints, password, induction card still is the mainstream smart locks the lock mode, technology is more mature, higher security. Second, whether the traditional mechanical lock core door lock, or smart locks, security is a priority. How to promote the intelligent lock on tall cannot deviate from this. Some smart lock brands on the market that forsake mechanical lock, switch to automatic switch. Although it sounds very good, practice is not worth recommending. The truth is simple, you don't want to in a casual moment, the function of electronic & other; Off the chain & throughout; Emergency protection, mechanical lock is necessary. Three, real depends on intelligent fingerprint lock market hot, now on the market, intelligent fingerprint lock brand is full of beautiful things in eyes, price from high to low were different, there is no lack of among them some product prices artificially high. Consumer is when the choose and buy, need comprehensive product materials, stability, security, such as comprehensive consideration, to avoid prices artificially high intelligent fingerprint lock, avoid all kinds of luxury concept packaging products. Inti intelligent fingerprint lock, 20 years specialized door lock, aimed at consumers in without worry, in comfort, satisfaction and other Security, precise, rigorous, quality & throughout; The intelligent fingerprint lock, intelligent lock as own duty, by industry widely cognitive.
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