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by:Level      2020-07-01
In recent years, our country started from the introduction of intelligent fingerprint locks to their production intelligent fingerprint lock. As the fingerprint technology matures and research and development, the production cost reduced gradually, fingerprint technology related products will usher in a period of great development. At present, the United States, Britain, Japan and other developed countries have provisions, for the entry of foreign civil airport security will be fingerprinted; America has 115 airports in China installed the fingerprint scanning test system; Japan entry administration also stipulates the port of entry of foreign citizens also fingerprint; Shanghai rail transit will be fully introduced fingerprint security checks. All of these show that the application of fingerprint technology is about to enter BaoFaShi growth. Intelligent fingerprint lock manufacturers, by contrast, fingerprint technology is more suitable for domestic market, such as the fingerprint recognition technology is combined with locks both intelligent fingerprint lock. But the popularity of the civilian market, the existing barriers mainly embodied in two aspects: 1, many people don't have enough knowledge of intelligent fingerprint lock, a bit & other; Stay at a respectful distance from sb & throughout; And even don't think it is the traditional mechanical lock safe and reliable, it is the deviation understanding of intelligent fingerprint lock. In fact many people used intelligent fingerprint lock later often cannot leave it, because the fingerprint lock not only safer, and indeed can bring great convenience for people, with it, you don't have to keep and carry a big bunch of keys, this is the embodiment of the modern life and the pursuit of modern people. Therefore for intelligent lock manufacturers, in the consumer guide and popularization education, have a lot of work to do. 2, the price of intelligent fingerprint lock haven't to the point of ordinary residents can be installed on. Because the present domestic can batch production, there are few companies and is the intelligent fingerprint lock has not entered the stage of large-scale industrialization, have the scale to reduce manufacturing cost. As some high-grade building dish, intelligent fingerprint lock market application will enter a rapid growth stage. At present, the key development project building market. To intelligent fingerprint lock engineering building market for development. Intelligent fingerprint lock the potential value of the civilian market after evaluation, is indeed enormous, but as a kind of fashion, the advanced high-tech products, to enter the civilian market, must want to a lot of advertisements, leading the consumption trend. The development of civil market need to spend a lot of sales force; And the same sales force in the engineering market, a contract for a project is usually the hundreds or even thousands of intelligent fingerprint lock, scale effect extremely obvious, relatively fixed area is significantly reduced in after-sale installation and maintenance costs. Intelligent fingerprint lock in addition to the safety performance, according to the frequency, the response speed, the recognition rate, additional functions are key indicators, such as intelligent also need to understand to accept owner, must be simplified.
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