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by:Level      2020-07-01
With the progress of the society, compared with the mechanical lock, using a new generation of recognition of intelligent lock advantages more and more obvious, will replace mechanical lock as lock industry to be bestowed favor on newly gradually. On the one hand because of biometric chips cost lower and localization, intelligent lock price for ordinary families have been able to bear; On the other hand smart home drive also makes the intelligent lock demand rising in recent years. Intelligent lock when considering intelligent household system requirements, should be considered from several aspects. The security of data interaction, intelligent locks and intelligent household system for data interaction, data encryption should adopt high strength encryption, in every link prevent leakage of important information users, once the abnormal warning; Data real-time interaction, intelligent home systems and locks the interactive data, intelligent locks feedback data time slower ( Delay 3 seconds) So that users on a mobile phone operation experience is poorer; Smart door lock opening functional limitations, some smart door lock for smart home open the function of the very few manufacturers, smart door lock can't very well by intelligent household manufacturers use to improve the user experience and convenience; In addition, there should be a relatively complete log function. Compared with the traditional mechanical lock, fingerprint lock in terms of safety, convenience and fashion, have more advantages, especially after fusion and smart home system, the application of fingerprint lock is play. As smart home company, division force house wanted more intelligent lock manufacturers provide agreement, make smart locks on the smart home system platform play a more and more practical intelligent application, so as to improve the ratio of the intelligent lock, let customers get more benefit.
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