Intelligent fingerprint lock, open the smart new life!

by:Level      2020-08-12
Maybe you have met these trouble? Intelligent fingerprint lock no longer bother you! As long as the mount this lock, no keys! Intelligent fingerprint lock snapping up guide Step1 determine the category of the door, security doors/wooden door, steel door/double open the door to judge the door direction: left/right direction open direction indicating whether hook with heaven and earth loyal users how to judge my house door is left open or right? Small make up you just need to stand outside, facing the door panel, door hinges on the left, direction of the door is left open. In turn hinges on the right, it is right open enthusiasm, small make up another intelligent lock both inside and outside, simply confirm the direction to Step2 around according to the appearance of judgment: lock body of rectangular double hole/rectangular puckering/rounded puckering need to measure size: A: B: article lock body side length of edge lock body width C: door thickness measurement accuracy + / - 1 mm loyal users after I found this on the lock body alone with A lock body side bar, how be to return A responsibility, why need another matching? Small make up yes! Customers buy separate intelligent lock, within the article includes a lock body side of edge and a door frame, we call it a standard package as a whole. Zealous small make up the standard specification of door of guard against theft that bag is the standard according to the market, lock body side of the fixed size is 240 * 24, article frame edge fixed for 250 * 28, in addition to the size of the need another choice! Step3 wooden door frame edge article ( Optional) : if the installation door as wooden door, still need other optional frame edge article, need to measure data as below. D: tongue bath center to the bending distance D1: nearly tongue-and-groove D2: outside edge to the distance far tongue-and-groove Step4 outside edge to the distance to choose the appropriate intelligent lock models and colors warm-hearted small orchestration single has been completed, only need to make an appointment to install time, we will on-site installation, the installation of the master finally on-site acceptance!
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