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by:Level      2020-07-01
Have you ever met such embarrassing conditions: standing at home, only to find that can't find the key? Hands hanging heavy shopping bags, and hate not 1 & other Open sesame & throughout; Can open the door? The birth of' target='_blank'>intelligent lock, let all this embarrassing thing of the past. Intelligent lock can adapt to various scenarios of different requirements, the user is convenient to use, support for multiple lock mode, fingerprint lock, password lock, mechanical keys, remote control, etc. Intelligent lock in addition to the family's security, convenience is the user's attention. So, what are smart locks easily worry-free performance advantages can make household life? 1, safe and smart locks have a variety of identification of carrier and means such as fingerprint, password, generally by the electronic identification and control, mechanical linkage system of two parts. Intelligent lock as an example, the use of super class B lock core, sufficient to ensure the safety of the user. Living fingerprint identification technology, large extent avoid the chances of the copy. 2, easy to use intelligent lock than their fingers because of the feature points, the combination of digital password sequence matches to open the door, get rid of the dependence on the traditional mechanical keys, no key is lost, damaged, forgetting an accident situation. 3, also intelligent lock function for, extremely powerful, may at any time for many people the fingerprint to open the door and permissions to open the door, stable quality, good performance. Can also free open fingerprints, increase or decrease at the same time has a query record function and password function. 4, smart to add or delete operations such as fingerprints, password, induction card, is very simple, users don't need too much memory the password and code. 5, modern intelligent lock with elegant European style, Chinese style, contemporary and contracted, restore ancient ways, such as the appearance of all sorts of styles, surface process also USES the amber gold plating, green bronze, red bronze, silver Titan, and many other craft, as delicate as works of art. Concise, elegant, generous style makes it not only applies to a door, also can be used for interior door. For the smart home, safety should be a people to enjoy the first premise of intelligent life. Since the lock and key in the world since the birth of around 612 BC, lock and key technology of fundamental change has never occurred. The emergence of intelligent lock will replace them? Perhaps! There's little doubt that, truly, truly, intelligent lock has brought all the wonderful experience for consumers.
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