Intelligent fingerprint lock several experience shops opening, accelerate the layout of the 'new retail'

by:Level      2020-07-01
— — 'Super intelligent fingerprint lock experience store' soon ganzhou, jingzhou, ordos, nantong, shaoxing, wenzhou, xuchang region, zhaoqing, jiangmen, meizhou experience store decoration project are also engaged in the process of construction. With continuous hot new retail concepts, 2017, the intelligence of a low-key fingerprint lock giants were on new retail chain earlier layout. This year the New Year the first wave of city open shop and in ganzhou, jingzhou, ordos, nantong, shaoxing, wenzhou, xuchang region soon 'super intelligent fingerprint lock experience store' crowded, noisy. In addition, zhaoqing, jiangmen, meizhou intelligent fingerprint lock experience store decoration project in the construction of intense preparation, meet and guide the user demand, to users to upgrade, to make a really good products and services, for home intelligent fingerprint lock to explore new retail continue rapid development, offline experience store construction blueprint has been carried out at full speed. 'Super intelligent fingerprint lock experience store' accelerate the layout of the city, the new change, provide technology support for the experience shop, customers can intuitive experience at the scene 'af semiconductor recognition, mobile phone APP lock, read new id induction, hand gear transmission, automatic reversing function, induction electric switch cover, dual-core' double system control functions such as door lock, in addition, the special cases to show, effectively highlight the intelligent high-end products, to forge a intelligent fingerprint lock the experience shop sales combined with modern science and technology of the 'new retail' model. With its offline huge intelligent fingerprint lock traffic and sales, new 'intelligent' and 'interactive' experience 'mode,' new retail 'is the first layout accurately grasp the development trend of intelligent fingerprint lock. Offline retail experience and powerful online channels one linkage, also represents the trend of the development of intelligent fingerprint lock, for intelligent fingerprint lock to explore 'new retail' made a model. Intelligent fingerprint lock as home security product, its safety and professional is very important. In order to ensure the safety of the goods, many users in the network to understand the fingerprint lock, and then to the offline store field experience, this time, intelligent fingerprint lock and lead the industry in the implementation of the 'new retail' strategy, to speed up the layout experience store user experience is supreme, common challenges the traditional intelligent fingerprint lock industry faced a wave of innovation, strive to make breakthroughs. Based on intelligent fingerprint lock 'new retail' tide, intelligent fingerprint lock itself with a new sense of cool, high-tech products, such as interactive features, has created high experience, has many years history of intelligent fingerprint lock, and major cities in the country has nearly hundred stores, can provide customers with after-sales service; In addition to store service, but also set up multiple after-sales service points, to ensure that customers can get timely service recently. , according to the relevant person in charge of field intelligent fingerprint lock in changge 'intelligent fingerprint lock experience store' in the design and planning, adhere to the standards of create super experience, your unique store displays, door head through three-dimensional and intelligent interactive setting and high performance products, professional assistants to help multi-pronged, such as continue to build intelligent fingerprint lock shop experience. Looking ahead to 2017 consumption trend of change and development trend of intelligent fingerprint lock industry, emphasizes the experience and the quality is the core of the constant, the 'new retail' horn has been sounded, as intelligent lock industry brand, will continue to lead the development trend of high quality intelligent fingerprint lock, show partner innovation science and technology and the brand of charm.
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