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by:Level      2020-07-01
Fingerprint lock has universal development trend, because the fingerprint lock and other mechanical locks, trick lock, the induction compared with high safety lock,, memory is strong, can lock in public, high portability, will never be lost, guard against theft. In fingerprint lock price material benefit, convenience and security values far above the price; More important is the fingerprint lock has become the symbol of high quality life. “ Safety & throughout; It is a big advantage fingerprint lock. It is reported that the average person's fingerprint repeatability is one in 5 billion m, and people grow up to 8 years old, fingerprint remains the same shape, then the fingerprint with sex and sex. In fingerprint technology can provide reliable and accurate recognition, and can be reset and remove fingerprints, on the basis of measuring a fingerprint lock quality and safety performance is good or bad, mainly on the service life of the door lock, durable nature can prolong the service life of the door. This is not just the fingerprint lock price is generally higher than mechanical lock, and door lock installation will produce many inconvenient factors. “ Facilitation & throughout; The advantage of fingerprint lock is reflected, but consumer demand from the real products to experience situations will feel convenient. This is the embodiment of the leap from quantity to quality. Fingerprint lock convenient advantage from the product come up to speak, don't have to carry keys, bid farewell to the era of a key in the door. Without a key, nature also don't forget to bring my keys, can't find the key, missing keys. However, consumers want to open the closing moments, fingerprint lock can give consumers more convenient experience. This is the fingerprint lock manufacturing enterprises must attach importance to, especially on open civil markets, if there is no visible facilitation, so consumers will not be able to recognize the fingerprint lock brings additional value. Consumer demand has told us that this is the age of two different, fingerprint lock has facilitation trend on the function, not just more convenient on scene experience the value of the performance. People need psychological superiority.
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