Intelligent household door lock: quick and easy to use but safety is more important | |

by:Level      2020-07-05
With the growing popularity of smart home life, intelligent household products also emerge in endlessly. As the basis of smart home products, as well as the guardian of the family, the importance of smart locks and marketability and popularity, all play an important role in intelligent household products. As a new sunrise industry, inevitably there are some problems, especially the intelligent lock security is faced with more challenges! Both mechanical lock and smart locks, safety is always the core! Compared with the traditional mechanical locks, smart door locks only on unlock way is different, the former is by physical key, which is from fingerprints, password, mobile phone or card, such as security is the core of the lock body but not trigger the unlock. So how safe is the smart locks on the market? Now smart locks are widespread too outstanding its appearance and convenience, but ignores the nature of its security and safety, make a lot of smart locks are unsafe. Even appeared like a fingerprint copy, online control system to take over, violence, to pry twist handle violence against the technology of intelligent lock and unlock methods, such as, led to many smart locks are vulnerable. Especially below one thousand yuan low-cost intelligent lock, a lot of anti-theft performance and convenience even than the traditional mechanical lock! The emergence of intelligent door locks and wide application, really brings convenience to our life, but if not take safety as the core, then can produce big security hidden danger.
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