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by:Level      2020-07-05
In this era of intelligent, from toothbrushes to plane, all the best of its intelligence capabilities. Smart goal is to serve people, no doubt about it. Under this goal, however, there exist because the concept of the impact on lands are popular false intelligence products. The false intelligence, its defect is: ignore the human nature. Smart door locks, for example. As a great innovation of domestic door lock industry, also as a representative of the intelligent household in the category, smart door lock has been sought after by the market since its launch. However as with all new products, in hyped by concepts behind, there is always this or that kind of problem: the technology is not enough mature, lowest prices artificially high, poor quality, standards, functions and complex redundancy, design of ugly in a hurry & middot; · · · · · Even the intelligent fingerprint lock, induction lock door lock market, under the concept of a variety of intelligent unfolds, the vast majority are inevitably exist in the above question. These issues are summarized up, it is too much emphasis on intelligence, and ignored the essence of door lock, ignoring the humanistic care. , so to speak, the intelligent lock market has developed to a bottleneck period, then the next step in urgent need of the development of technology updates and idea of innovation. To rethink the intelligent household, especially the industry of intelligent door locks at the same time, the present situation of the rise of an opportunity, we should also see industry in guangdong smart door locks, intelligent door industry is trying to innovate new era of new standards. And this standard, is to go to numerous for brief, return to the nature of the human nature concern, to science and technology, highly sophisticated intelligence, to complete two mission: safety, convenience. Intelligent walnut lock hope to consider and details of when test simulation of countless times, gathering all together on the end use convenient and humanized. All these, originate from a conscience lock enterprise to the responsibility of the industry, commitment to customers, the quality of their own discipline. Intelligent lock and popularize as an opportunity, the advent of smart door lock industry perhaps will have an innovation and upgrading of the timing. Smart door locks, which is based on science and technology, return to nature, there is no doubt that is trustworthy. At any time if you want to start a new life, intelligent household may change a smart door lock!
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