Intelligent induction electronic lock system

by:Level      2020-08-11
Smart home for young people's appeal is obvious, were also more likely to be accepted, intelligent induction electronic lock with intelligent access management, prevent pry open alarm, query and other functions, greatly improving the user intelligent life experience feeling. Intelligent induction electronic lock as derivatives of access control identification, fingerprints, electromagnetic induction to identify the carrier, combined with a variety of technologies such as computer information technology, electronic technology, has very good security features, and intelligent induction electronic lock is able to adapt to modern social trends, contemporary and contracted, fashion trend, European rural wind wind, now more in line with the aesthetic concept of the crowd. Hotel intelligent induction electronic lock features perfect safety management system password control function: all CARDS are encrypted card, only check the correct password, can read and modify data in card report the loss of function: new card on card invalid, and the door card report the loss of lost time control functions: locks should bring along their own high resolution real time clock zone control flexible: how can realize regional control vertical and horizontal inserted to control the alarm function: hotel area has not been closed door alarm prompt automatically set features: can be set up by management system lock function, such as locks the door does not shut good tips, do not disturb hint, channel function function: is by setting the locks for normally open or normally closed state, this function is suitable for office, conference room and gym frequently visited places emergency lock: when using a smart card can't unlock or circuit board failure occurs, can use mechanical key to open the lock, lock will record mechanical key to open the lock of large capacity at the same time open the lock records: according to user requirements, can set up 1000 unlock records. Can complete records of any level of smart card and mechanical key to open the lock records, to the international safety management measures to provide reliable data within the hotel standard lock: lock can be normal use above 500000 times, life is inserted, drilling, slow touch structure without friction, full insurance multiple functions such as fault automatic analysis function: if the door can not normal to open an account, indicator light will be flashing hint, according to the fault table locks can be analyzed, so that the engineers and quick maintenance door lock, guest room quickly return to normal use.
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