Intelligent induction lock open intelligent life

by:Level      2020-08-05
To brand extension market in the domestic market competition is intense, the enterprise to win the market situation only tailor appropriate for their products, and looking for product differentiation, find a big enterprise can't batch production of products is a shortcut, such as joining together the door door, door, due to the complexity of the production process, some large enterprises are reluctant to production, and also make the door a brand. In marketing, they are also differentiated market reflect their own advantages, with the strategy of rural areas to encircle the cities in zhejiang, fujian, jiangsu and other surrounding counties and cities of villages and towns set up distribution points, distribution range extension to a wide range of rural, as long as in the village where people build, where the dealer's business is, many a mickle makes a muckle. Urgent according to increase in the national industry market condition for environment, strive to build its own brand and customer common development, to become a regional brand, to point with surface, industry think to make an issue on the production process and after-sales service, to create their own advantage. For many years, their products rely on the good brand reputation, has been firmly rooted in the market. Let the dealers make money, is this industry has always insisted on. They also want to do everything you can to, let the dealer to change management ideas, guide the dealers go out, to the town, village to find customers, talk with customer directly, and keep up with the service, with the aim of more outlets to drive the whole sales expansion, the customer is using in recognition of the value of their brands. Products on the market the same, always regards product quality as life, formed a product research and development center, the procurement, parts of raw materials such as plastic powder, transfer paper, locks, handles, etc are high-grade, and the use of zinc alloy plate, galvanized sheet, improve product quality and product added value, thus products in short supply. Product design in the product design in advance, pay more attention to humanization. Their current research and development of an intelligent human body induction door, the door is opened, the lamp will light up on the door. Normally we when I opened the door to grope for the lights at night, sometimes even if the thief into interior damage master, with this kind of door, the door safer and more comfortable. A small door, about a family, is a unit, in order to ensure the safety and durability of the door, carefully designed the don't know how many organs, various technology also emerge in endlessly, so on the door again to make technological innovation, is indeed very difficult, but industry to seek development, it is necessary to find breakthroughs, win a recruit. Security doors on the surface treatment of innovation is also embodied in hand, put the sun, the door is not sticky, even if the hand press up or leaving a handprint, keep beautiful. Companies with quality department, workshop the whole technological process have qc inspector, to strictly control each working procedure, not let the slightest mistake. Product innovation quickly fall behind, and innovation must find suitable for their own development. Industry recognized that large companies rely on management innovation, arouse the enthusiasm of everyone, and small businesses can begin from product innovation, constantly looking for breakthrough point, increase the product selling points, it is not only enhance the dealer confidence and loyalty, achieve win-win effect, especially breakthrough yourself, improve yourself, the best way to increase the competitiveness of the brand.
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