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by:Level      2020-07-02
For the use of mechanical locks we can only open a door with the key annoyance, believe that we are all more or less experienced, for instance you happily come home from work, ready to cut the key to open the door, still fall found the keys in the office; For example, if you got up late, hurried to go to work, ready to shut the door, found that can't find the key, even if I pull can't find it. Just like you in pajamas down throw rubbish, we lift a door, a gust of wind to lock on the door, one pocket, and keys with & hellip; … Although these things often do not have, but as long as once, is enough to destroy a day of good mood, even will pull in the edge of emotional breakdown. Ordinary mechanical lock on anti-theft function is also more bad, most of the mechanical lock on market standard is A level of the lock core, and this kind of lock is the thief easy open, less than A minute to open, so now in the news A lot of reports that the thief enter A steal, is because they use A mechanical lock is actually incurred to steal. Because of the traditional mechanical locks there are so many annoying, the disadvantages, and swept the country now, intelligent household, so smart lock into homes, has been sought after by many people, and more rapid development momentum. In fact, in the domestic large and medium-sized cities in the residential area, as long as careful observation, you can always see the figure of intelligent lock, and like Evergrande, country garden power developers boost high-grade residential intelligent lock into the standard, make more and more people feel smart lock brings convenience and comfort to the life that occupy the home, has become in and out of the house safe and decent way of life. Intelligent lock without key more convenient intelligent lock routine use & other; Fingerprint + password + card & throughout; Open the door, and fingerprint as the main way to open the door, because the fingerprint with sex and irreplaceability. Intelligent lock can accommodate hundreds of fingerprints and don't open the same password, can be more than enough to satisfy the personality for each member of the family and the use of private demand, and intelligent lock management background can real time record and use information query locks, convenience for the owners to lock and home security for effective management. In addition, the intelligent lock to a mechanical lock interactive state of cold, turn the passive defense to active defense mechanism, input the door will automatically lock once encountered many errors, more low-key alarm function, prevent battery run out off the lock, and at the same time through the gateway, matching with the phone APP can be anywhere, real-time delivery information to owner handsets, help the owner to deal with abnormal situations in a timely manner. In the daily life scenes, intelligent lock lot of humane considerations, will make you a great convenience and decent, such as when you are shopping, don't have to put things on the ground, the controls for the key, you just need to make a finger to open the door; Put on clothes to go out to exercise, there is no key to put pocket bristly or nowhere to put dilemma, closed the door, directly said ran ran it is good to go to the playground; Using virtual intelligent locks the password to open the door of a blessing the password techniques, to be in a real password before and after noise, peep, let you under the eyes of the public, can also consumedly square square to open the door, don't have to worry about the password leak problem.
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