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by:Level      2020-07-02
No place to accommodate for every day with my keys and trouble? Are you still worry about can not find the key? Installed the smart locks users no longer worry about it. And in the face of so many smart lock brand on the market, we should choose which? Step 1: see material pledge intelligent lock production materials mainly divided into three types: aluminum alloy, zinc alloy, stainless steel. Including aluminum alloy appearance and color of all kinds are more, but the hardness is low, zinc alloy, stainless steel color is less, the better but optional single shape. Now the mainstream of the material is zinc alloy material the second step: try function well advised to choose a good smart lock brands, to experience store near field experience, to field test the functionality of the product. Can input fingerprint preliminary tests. Record the fingerprints of the higher time resolution, identify more accurately, the faster the reaction, security is, the better. Second is to test the other way to open the lock, including mobile phone remote, password, fingerprint, credit card, key, etc. Step 3: look at the price of smart lock is electronic products, general price in 2000 ~ 4000. This is a relatively normal market sale price range, if in function and appearance are single is between 1500 ~ 3000, the general of the retail price of less than 1000 smart lock brands on the market, this is about to consider whether its safety performance standards. Step 4: see if you want to buy online sales and evaluation, in psychological price range to choose high sales and good evaluation.
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