Intelligent lock campus identification system solutions

by:Level      2020-07-02
'All-in-one-card' refers to the one or a few buildings or in a hotel group with a card consumption, identity authentication and guest room electronic door lock. Management by the numerous projects, involving safety such as: car park management, access control management, elevator control, guest room door lock, lockers, safes, suitable hotels, hotel rooms, apartments, leisure Knoll, the recreation center, the school dormitory, laboratory and so on all need to effectively control the crowd out of place. 【 Image hall, dining hall 】 Locks campus program, can realize the IC function, including the dining hall, library, laundry, etc, need billing or the place of registration, can be with us to open the door card to use IC card, card memory capacity is big, can contain multiple systems of data, without the need to carry a lot of CARDS such as attendance card be the membership card. 【 Public channel 】 School channel public throughout each floor of each building, door lock system has a public function, can let the middle floor or floors of cardholders access door open a specified building or floor, or even open more than one building or floor, effectively eliminate foreign personnel in and out, to strengthen the guard against theft. 【 The parking lot entrance guard 】 Parking lot entrance guard also can be achieved with door lock card id, effectively prevent external personnel to enter the parking lot, to prevent the outflow. 【 Campus dormitory 】 Campus hostel is the largest number of, is very important to the dormitory door lock management. Integrated solutions according to the group of door lock, can be in the system for each dormitory management, even personnel fluidity big, the phenomenon such as damaged or lost card card, are unified management, can the system without having to change the door lock. Save management cost and manpower. 【 Conference room, office, 】 For some public places, such as the teacher's office, conference room or lab, etc. , need to do a good classification management system, specific management personnel to open, even can control the open time, open more than one card, export locks the door ( Who when to open the door) Systematically management, effectively guard against theft, door lock.
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