Intelligent lock: enterprise quality after-sales service to win customers good reputation!

by:Level      2020-07-02
After-sales service, is provided by the after sale service activities. From the point of sales work, after-sales service itself is also a kind of promotion. In tracking follow up phase, sales people to take various forms of cooperation steps, through the after-sales service to improve the credibility of enterprises, expand product market share, improve the efficiency and effectiveness of marketing work. Recently, intelligent locks the lock is popular on the market, also became a web celebrity hot style, but smart lock also did not escape the laws of 'red is more people', such as excessive boost consumption, locks, after-sales service for such problems as poor followed, can lead to the development of intelligent lock the next is not as we expected rises, float data has flatly, even has a tendency to fall. Summary sentence is actually lack of communication, sometimes consumers when they have a problem, don't get timely relieve, or you don't get your way solution, will think of myself a play. So as a desire to move up the development of the lock enterprise, how to solve this annoying after-sale problem? Can remove trouble back at home, how to do it for both consumers and the customer opinion and the requirements for product timely feedback to the enterprise, make enterprise continuously improve product quality and better meet the needs of the customers? Recommended reading: intelligent lock industry, high-end market share and has a wide lead 'titanium' a missing, after-sales maintenance, enterprises in the trust crisis across the country, with a quick little maintenance intelligent lock brand, intelligent lock after-sales maintenance problems often being criticized. The reporter understands 70% fingerprint lock manufacturers, sales and after-sales mode generally implement regional agent system, its product after-sales work to a local agency in charge of, some dealers in the process of selling products, generally by the hardware store or mechanical lock store to sales, does not have its own brand stores, more professional after-sales personnel, and installation and maintenance of fingerprint lock will need have relevant professional knowledge, a senior teacher, because of cost savings, without their own professional after-sales personnel, only temporary hired some lock master, but the master of fingerprint lock products don't understand, cannot one-time solve the problem of the user. Users can only contact local agent sent staff to solve the door, after-sales maintenance point difficult to find, high maintenance cost, network collect fees in disorder, spare parts difficult to find, and so on and so forth are to after-sales maintenance becomes a place adorn, has become a problem of 98% fingerprint lock users concern but helpless, this is the industry's pain points. Two disadvantages, after-sale installation, small and medium-sized enterprises encounter bottlenecks in the 21st century is out of the consumer buys a product price choice is the highest level, more focus on the user experience, as a kind of goods can't get the user experience and after-sales service of consumer recognition, its reputation will be a big hit, gradually accepted by consumers and even eliminated. And the brand because of its huge mobile phone market, causing them to not value, the intelligent lock market more despise intelligent lock after the installation is the most important sector, in the 5 years leading to enter the market has not accounted for a large market share gain consumer acceptance. Three, strengthening the engagement to a product, the hope into the consumer, let consumers to accept and love, user participation is a very important link, on both counts, most current domestic brand didn't do it, is an excellent enterprise allows users to follow one's inclinations to communicate with the company, to participate in all process and system, put forward their own opinions, let every consumer is a research and development engineer. In the 21st century is an era of experience goods, the user to purchase goods is no longer just satisfied with the price and quality, after-sales service and user participation has become a most important link. Aimed at these three points above, hope the intelligent lock enterprise, can on the basis of products leading the world, the country set up the service outlets, quick after-sales maintenance, user participation experience exchange platform Settings.
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