Intelligent lock follows smart home fashion trends

by:Level      2020-08-05
Now, intelligent household is a growing our life, we all realize that smart home from many aspects of our lives change, smart door lock as the development of smart home, intelligent security field is faster in the sheet is tasted, also gradually realized the evolution under the Internet of things. Statistics show smart door lock into the outbreak period, at present, China's lock industry output value of nearly 60 billion yuan of above, and smart locks industry output value in 2016 has exceeded 6 billion yuan. China currently has about 600 million doors, if a lock the life span of 10 years or so, each year there will be more than 50 million lock need to be replaced, but statistics show smart door lock permeability is less than 3% of the Chinese market. In contrast, Europe and the United States and Japan and South Korea market penetration rate has reached 50% and 80% of the region. China has an estimated population of 1. 4 billion, 400 million families, and nearly 97% of households will have to replace the demand of the intelligent door locks, this will be a very big market. According to market research agency predicted, starting in 2016, mainly biometric and networking smart door lock can achieve 3 million the left and right sides, and into the size of the market in 2017 will have at least two times growth, is expected to reach 600 - 7 million. Predicts that by 2020, the entire intelligence door lock scale will reach 60 million above. Admittedly, in 2017 the whole door lock circle seems to have entered the outbreak of the intelligent door locks and boom. Consumer enthusiasm was lit, along with concepts such as the Internet of things intelligent has become more and more thorough popular feeling, smart door locks the item also know by many consumers. According to the survey, more than 85% of consumers heard of intelligent door locks, while more than 70% of the younger consumers are willing to try to use smart door lock. Predictably, with 80, 90, after a wave of new house decoration, use smart door lock also will become a natural. The difference between the smart door lock and the traditional mechanical locks mainly in terms of user identification, security, manageability, the former is more intelligent. At present we have in the domestic market sales of the main mechanical lock, induction locks, combination lock, fingerprint lock, such as several kinds of door lock, the function principle of each product and technology are different. Consumers are the most common mechanical lock, cash or induction lock and combination lock is often used in business and the public space, the hotel room with the door card lock is locked, and many enterprises choose the combination lock for the door control management. Smart door lock should be on the basis of fully ensure safety, and other security products formed a whole set of security system, and more access to the family of intelligent application scenarios, and now, it seems, enterprise, public space, such as hotel B end market conditions are ripe, can build based on the intelligent scene of intelligent door locks, etc, the C end of the consumer market related into perfect stage, more intelligent scene also slowly mature. Fingerprint anti-theft lock engineering demand in its high-tech technology content and operation convenience, safety, under the premise of many real estate developers to build real estate selling point, the procurement of products, fingerprint anti-theft lock at showering full use, dosage is great. In some areas fingerprint lock in the coastal developed cities, even became the new homebuilding standard products. Villa is almost always use fingerprint lock, market capacity greatly. Smart door lock in the Internet age, it has not only has a fingerprint to unlock, password to unlock these functions, but as a home networking entrance or an important node. Smart door lock can do will become more and more innovative applications. In addition to the home security, it also can bring the comfort and convenience of household experience for the user. The future intelligent lock industry development potential is huge!
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