Intelligent lock for the future development trend, how much do you know?

by:Level      2020-07-02
Intelligent lock will be as an important intelligent hardware products of intelligent security system, as a commonly used household and convenient access barrier, has incomparable advantage over other equipment, and other security products aggregated into a set of security system, and more access to the family of intelligent application scenario. The popularity of intelligent door locks and the popularity of smart home form two-way pull, smart door locks at the same time will pay more attention to the design and the collocation of smart home, connectivity, safe and convenient. To connect to the Internet. In the era of intelligence, informationization and not connected to the intelligent lock cannot be called truly intelligent lock. Through networking, intelligent lock with smart cat's eye, intelligent home appliances and other intelligent household products achieve interconnectivity. At the same time, the characteristics of intelligent product is human-computer interaction, intelligent lock only through networking, can through the handset to control, through the remote monitoring the door open and close state, as well as the realization of intelligent lock in to users under the condition of real-time alarm, and other functions. 1. Cloud intelligent lock industry, the future Internet of things cloud platform will be the standard configuration in the intelligent lock industry, through the cloud platform, around the whole chain of intelligent lock data will be stored, each will receive a high efficient data processing, data resources will be Shared in the stakeholders in the industry, since then, more and more rich smart lock application scenario will be implemented. 2. Prices tend to be reasonable as the technology mature and the cost is reduced, the cost performance of intelligent lock will increase further, the mainstream smart locks the unit price will be for the first two years of fell to 1500-3000 yuan or so Between 2500, in order to get the favour of the group using a broader, because the future of the Internet of things era and artificial intelligence in the era of huge cash flow will be from the such groups. 3. Unique and fashionable appearance lock industry according to the national information center, according to data in intelligent lock the age of the buyer, mainly integrated in 25 35 and 35 - These two age 50, including 27 - This age 40 is the main force of purchase. That is to say, the intelligent lock buyers are mainly concentrated in the 80, 90, and they are associated with the Internet growing generation, their independence, personality, rebellious, is also the appearance of a typical control level, so to offer them products must strive to product with unique and fashionable appearance design. 4. Carrying more application in intelligent and humanization. Most intelligent lock industry, the product can produce certain connectivity with the user's equipment, to provide users with including alarm to remind, pry remind, affection, and other functions, from single function to the active defense as well as the old man child care, etc. 5. Professional service system, the platform will become intelligent lock will be heavily dependent on the service categories of products, because of large difference of intelligent lock structure, precision demand is high, high technology content, so need professional after-sales personnel to solve the problem of installation, maintenance, safety accident emergency treatment at the same time will become the key features, safety accidents emergency response will be promoted to a higher level to treat, and become an important part of the security services to users, the future professional door lock service system and service platform will be born. Service of form a complete set of future intelligent lock only good services like air conditioning, can let users purchase, use at ease. Conclusion: currently, the development of intelligent lock has reached a new plateau, need fusion of artificial intelligence and other emerging smart technology breakthrough technology. Artificial intelligence applied to intelligent lock, the first man, machine, system can realize the seamless connection and communication between, make smart locks have a basic judgment and ability to learn, so as to realize intelligent use; Second, by big data support, intelligent lock can open a lock on the user's habits, habits to carry on the analysis and study, and then transformed into thinking to the machine, to provide users with better experience.
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