Intelligent lock has been included in '3 packets' catalogue, you still have what not trust?

by:Level      2020-08-12
Intelligent lock to use? Intelligent security lock? The quality and stability of the intelligent lock has a mechanical lock? These problems are the problems of users are most concerned about, is also has for years been important factors hinder the popularization of the intelligent lock. In recent years, with the popularity of smart home, intelligent lock also gradually come into the mind of the people, just as users for smart lock is poorly understood, there are even many users remain were skeptical about its security and stability, so always when buy. In fact, after years of development, China's intelligent lock industry has been mature, security and stability, product quality has reached or exceeded the level of the mechanical lock, users can rest assured use. Especially in recent years, countries in the development of smart home industry is becoming more and more attention. Established in the national strategic emerging industries planning five emerging industries, the smart home industry is listed as a new generation of information technology, the application scope of the intelligent lock as an important part of smart home, also has the attention of relevant departments. Held in March 15, the guangdong international consumer rights day '3 · 15' and 'rest assured consumption in guangdong' event action push deployment conference, smart locks, residential elevators, air purifier, 15 kinds of products such as mobile power supply is included in the new 'guangdong province' 3 packets 'catalogue'. From the new 'guangdong province' 3 packets 'catalogue' can be seen, intelligent lock whole '3 packets' period is one year, also means that in guangdong province buy smart locks, any quality problems within a year, the user can be no reason to return. Although at present only in guangdong province will be smart locks in '3 packets' catalogue, but with the speeding up of the intelligent lock popularization rate, believe that there will be more provinces like guangdong, attaches great importance to the quality of intelligent lock. Nowadays, the development of intelligent lock has obtained the relevant departments to support and attention, you still have what not trust?
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