Intelligent lock how should maintain after purchase?

by:Level      2020-07-02
Intelligent lock can be said to be a new era of smart home entry-level products, more and more families began to take home the mechanical lock has smart lock. And intelligent lock the price is not low, daily use is also more should pay attention to maintenance, so smart locks should be how to maintain? A, do not remove the smart lock secretly compared with the traditional mechanical lock a lot more complicated, in addition to the shell is more delicate, circuit boards and other electronic components inside is also very precise and almost a level and your hand phone. And responsible manufacturer will have special personnel to be responsible for installation and maintenance. So don't remove the smart locks, secretly have order to contact customer service. Second, do not force slam the door jerked it made when a lot of people used to leave the house on the door frame, 1 of 'bang' listen really cool. The design of the intelligent lock lock body despite wind shock, but the inside of the circuit board bear such torture, time grows easily lead to some contact problems. Accurate method is rotating handle, let the lock tongue lock body, shut the door and then let go. 1 of 'bang' shut the door could not only damage the smart locks, and may cause the failure of locking, cause greater security problems. Third, pay attention to the identification module both fingerprint identification and password input panel, are often in contact with the hand. And hands sweat gland secretion of oils and fats can let the accelerated ageing of the fingerprint identification and input panel, the phenomenon such as insensitive to identify failure or input. Password button area also guarantees that every now and then clean the password is not leaked so fingerprint identification window gently with a dry soft cloth to wipe, should not be compared with hard things ( Such as brush pot ball) To carry out clean. And password input window is also need a clean soft cloth to wipe, or it will leave a scratch, affect the input sensitivity. Four, mechanical lock don't use lubricating oil most intelligent lock will have mechanical lock, and the maintenance problem of the mechanical lock already has a long history, a lot of people are routinely think mechanical parts lubrication is, of course, going to the lubricating oil. In fact is wrong. The author has written a door lock screw fixed? Than the lubricating oil to use explained why locks can't through the lubricating oil lubrication. Here is no longer here. Five, avoid contact with corrosive substances for the popularity of smart locks, makes a higher standard locks the overall appearance of a large, and the cleanliness level of the door also appeared the family's heart. If accidentally locked intelligent casing corrosion, according to the broken window theory, the appearance of corroded intelligent lock will be pickpockets, after all, from the intelligent lock the home doesn't look like a somebody. Sixth, from time to time to check the car has a yearly check, but it will appear all sorts of problems. Intelligent lock that although the probability of failure much smaller, but every now and then check can nip in the bud. Whether such as screw loosening, fitting clearance between the lock body and lock the gusset plate and so on, but the most common is to see whether there is a battery, if leakage, etc. Dry cell discharge could cause some problems need to check intelligent locks changed the way we open the door at the same time, we also need to pay attention to intelligent lock is a kind of high-tech precision equipment, maintenance way will change. But before the iPhone came out, and several people were willing to give mobile phones sticker with shell? Such as smart locks instead of real mechanical lock, the above said problems are not problems.
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