Intelligent lock industry, high-end market share, 'titanium'

by:Level      2020-07-02
Automatic fingerprint door lock is worthy of the name of China in 2018 the first year. Traditional intelligence intelligent lock manufacturers have introduced automatic intelligent door locks, industry, the price is in 3000 yuan of above as a high-end mainstream intelligent lock products, this price can up the volume of the model itself is not much, the quantity are going to have to mention by 8, the flagship product in the first half of 2018, all are first-rate. In the current high-end smart door lock products, in a simple copy and rough stick a card in the industry, they are an exception, the two products can be said to be persisted the science and technology and the alternative of aesthetics, which is a kind of elite of minimalist design panel box seamless joint of a integrated, looks highly visual impact, fine craftsmanship, blind touch unlock the hidden fingerprint; 0. 3 seconds speed, with one lock has never been a touch of love; Of computing power is the ability, more convenient user management will be connected to the alarm to the extreme. — — Pioneering titanium alloy smart locks, intelligent locks work 20 years, high quality, also understands more wear-resisting, as the first aviation materials used in the industry enterprise of titanium alloy, the high quality products to meet the high-end consumer groups. Since this year, sales of high-end titanium alloy intelligent lock soared. Recently, chairman of the board of directors can LeiZhi said publicly, the goal is to do the high-end intelligent anti-theft locks, end of positioning can not support the ambition of the enterprise, industry high-end product market should be led by Chinese companies, for domestic enterprises to learn more about Chinese security standards and the needs of Chinese users. Why have the titanium alloy material by 8 in the smart locks on the high-end market share forefront? Recommended reading: intelligent lock: enterprise quality after-sales service to win customers good reputation! In addition to the modular, autofocus fingerprint identification made breakthrough patent technology, security, and so on, by 8 series, and a new initiative, the birth of titanium alloy process intelligent lock. Titanium alloy process perfect solve the intelligent lock generally USES the surface of the plating or painting process, being wear-resisting time is not long, exterior surface gloss is not enough grade disadvantages, such as titanium alloy process has high cost, but high resistance to wear, 20 years not decoloring, feel is good, good texture luster, material light and toughness, let smart lock looks more dignified feeling. At the same time, the intelligent lock titanium alloy process the material characteristics, also solves the common intelligent lock big volume, weight, and a shaft page of the portal itself is big load of problems! Let the user feel 'safe and comfort', by 8 titanium alloy intelligent lock is pushing for household market 'black science and technology, intelligent lock is not perfect innovative power cannot be foothold in the market, in the face of increasingly serious phenomenon of homogeneity, low price competition, will, as always, adhere to the 'quality first, take honestly as this,' the concept of development, solve the problem for the consumer, meet the needs of the consumers.
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