Intelligent lock installed a how to confirm the size?

by:Level      2020-08-04
In the era of the smart home, intelligent lock with its convenient, safe, beautiful features in consumer's consistent demand, makes more and more friends begin to buy smart lock this kind of lock as the safety of every line of defense. When purchasing a smart lock back, face is intelligent lock installation, installation, can be the use of formal. But the last small make up have to introduce the door can be installed intelligent lock? This is to introduce smart lock installed a how to confirm the size? Confirm: 1, the door thickness thickness requirements in 38 mm - door locks 55 mm, special requirements can be deal with according to special requirements. ( To different requirements, the thickness of the door lock screw length and generous shaft, small square shaft, mechanical dial the slice of the length of the key requirements are different, should explain to factory when ordering. ) Confirm the panel size: 2, lock tongue standard configuration is 24 mm X 240 mm, refitting the old door, if the lock tongue panel hole not 24 mm X 240 mm, please order first. 3, installation width position confirmed: the installation of intelligent lock width generally has two kinds: big lock at least 100 mm, small lock at least 110 mm. Note: smart locks the door width refers to the edge of the door to lock on the door body center width. Such as: the middle is the stainless steel glass door, the door of the plane is less than 100 mm, lock will not come up or lock up and lock body pressure to the glass. Outlined in the above content, it is intelligent lock installation size confirmation method, this method is only for reference. Because each manufacturer production of intelligence and application of door lock size may be different, therefore, the installation of the concrete should also will be subject to the actual size. Installation problem: 1: intelligent lock lock body installation reversing 2: intelligent lock rod installation problem: heaven and earth. Intelligent elastic adjustment, to lock the door handle intelligent lock locks no voice phenomenon: the doorbell no reaction, registration no. Possible reasons: 1, the speaker plug wire is not tight. 2, the speaker socket has been damaged. Solution: 1, the fingerprint lock panel speaker plug wire removed, inserted tightly again. 2, check to see if the socket pin has show that only if it is just the repair three, intelligent locks the door bell ring cyclical phenomenon: every day, often the emergence of the voice, the door bell rang about every one and a half hours will ring again. Possible reasons: touch panel production line installation does not reach the designated position, lead to have a gap caused by accident always ring. Solution: return to factory maintenance. 4, no Chinese prompt phenomenon: in intelligent lock using intelligent lock before using, according to the function keys have Chinese voice, everything is normal, accidentally touch '*' key or '0' key, the number is no prompt. Possible reasons: intelligent lock long press numeric '*' or '0' key 3 seconds, would be to switch from the voice, Chinese switch to English, English to switch into Chinese) 。 This kind of situation for Chinese switch to English, and not tip burn English language pack machine itself. Solution: again, long press numeric '*' or '0' key, until you hear a loud di, will voice switch back to Chinese. 5, intelligent lock touchpad wake up 6, intelligent fingerprint lock entry anomaly or can't successful open 7, abnormal intelligent lock key 8, 9, smart smart battery low voltage alarm lock locks the door abnormal failure phenomenon 1: just install smart lock on the door and down the handle to open the door, the door can't open the door, or have access to (open the door Without a key, fingerprint, password, CARDS or keys to open the door) Possible reason 1: if can open the door, trying to identify whether the open channel mode may cause 2:8 series, N and W upside or triangle not aligned, 9 series to turn the arrow on the block and the arrow on the L/R not aligned solution 1: wake up the front panel, long press # # key enter the administrator password can channel mode switching solutions 2:8 series lock body filled with N/W, W at the door, and two of triangle, N, triangle as alignment series 9 open door panel, iron plate on a/R L, square bricks with the arrow on the rod not aligned, left open the door of rotating L, the handle to the left, the right to open the door on R. Method of how to determine right to open the door and left open the door: the left and the right to open the door to open the distinguish method, based on gate shaft, shaft door on the left, to push the door is left open, go toward outside sliding door is left open. Door on the right, to push the door is open, right to sliding door is right away.
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