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by:Level      2020-06-30
Intelligent experience begins with what? A smart phone? A smart TV? Many enterprises at home and abroad are added to the smart home layout, in & other; Network intelligence door lock & throughout; A new field of research and development, to do household intelligence door lock. Door lock can be divided into three stages of development, 1) Mechanical lock, that is, we often use the metal lock. 2) Traditional intelligent lock, such as electronic combination lock, electronic fingerprint lock, and door lock, fingerprint identification, etc. 3) Network intelligent lock is introduced. Can imagine, we are home before open the cold after the door lock is home. But in this period of time away from home you don't know what happened in the home, have a person to enter. And smart locks, let you even in vacation travel, work, and is still under the condition of long time away from home, let you and remote connection at home. Paying attention to whether someone into the home. This is our is different from that of the traditional mechanical locks, and traditional is change & other; The key form throughout the &; Smart door lock is not the same place, it strengthens the connection relationship with the family, let the door no longer cold. Home is the essence of interpersonal interaction and connection, and this kind of interaction and connection can also be embodied in the door. Advocated by & other; With home & other; , but also to strengthen the & other; 'Home' and 'door & throughout; The link. Intelligent lock can bring people not only door lock security value, but also a warm and trust. To strengthen the & other; People throughout the &; The link. Smart door lock can be by mobile phone APP permissions management door lock, for authorization. Go out in the outside, permissions, and that may be normal access limitation custom Settings. Authorized members of the family can be a key to unlock, can also set your own password to unlock. Key at the same time, support the fingerprint open, open, lock in a variety of forms, safe and convenient.
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