Intelligent lock, is a kind of inevitable trend!

by:Level      2020-08-05
What the most popular in the field of household? There is no doubt that, of course, is the smart home; So what the most popular in the field of smart home,? Many people think of first is certainly smart lock. And smart locks, and hot on the concept of smart home is limited to a very different nature, because smart lock has come a hype phase, and were walking into the ordinary people. According to relevant data show that in 2018 the national intelligent lock shipments reached 8 million sets, the output value is over billions mark, expects shipments of 2018 or 12 million sets of production will be close to 20 billion. Then why do smart lock industry so hot? Why so many giants involved in? Don't they just for showing? Of course not, it seems to lock you mainly because of several reasons: a huge market capacity, China has a population of 1. 4 billion, nearly 400 million households, and the penetration rate is less than 3%, that is to say, the future will have 97% of households have the possibility of consumption upgrade, it will be a level of billions of market; At the same time, with the advent of the era of fine decoration, smart lock installed do not underestimate market capacity. Second, trends, such as floods, overwhelming intelligent has become an irresistible trend. What is the trend? Trend is the developing direction of things, is a kind of once formed the development direction, will not be changed in a short time. So, intelligent lock to replace mechanical lock will also is a kind of inevitable trend. Three, smart home entrance must be watched on smart home entrance, has long been a subject of debate. Including mobile phones, smart routers, smart TV, etc. , have been considered to be the entry of the smart home, but after a few years to tear spell, the growth of the space has gradually become narrow. Why giant regarding intelligent lock as the new smart home entrance? First of all, the door and lock is a physical entry, high stickiness, the use of high frequency characteristics of the 'projects'; Second, intelligent lock is still a blue ocean market, is not really strong brands, so most of the giant wants to become a leader in this field. So brands want to compete for this entry. Therefore, based on the above three points, large and small enterprises flocked to the production and research and development of intelligent lock industry. And in the context of the current status quo, intelligent lock industry has formed three major groups: one is always focus on intelligent lock industry enterprises, including before focusing on hotel and home smart locks, lock and new emerging brands and Internet; 2 it is mechanical lock transition to smart lock industry enterprises; Three is the enterprises come across borders. For now, intelligent has become an inevitable trend of the development of the locks. , of course, in addition to market and trends, intelligent lock itself also has many advantages: mechanical lock is not 1, convenience. Intelligent by fingerprint lock, unlock phone app, WeChat, CARDS and other forms, completely get rid of the bondage of the key, don't have to worry about losing the keys with; 2, security. Intelligent lock integrates pry proof alarm, remote monitoring, and active prevention functions at a suit, safer than mechanical lock. 3, fashion. Intelligent lock on the appearance design, more fashion, concise and easy, more in line with the aesthetic view of young, but also for domestic outfit have the effect that make the finishing point. Locks intelligent is the trend of The Times, therefore, intelligent lock to replace mechanical lock is also inevitable trend. In this background, if you are still on the sidelines, you will be eliminated by times.
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