Intelligent lock is less complicated: near field sensing technology

by:Level      2020-08-04
Speaking of near field induction, breathing lamp these technologies, we must be the first time think of smartphones. Friends may not know, intelligent lock also have these features. , will these cool black technology applied to fingerprint lock, made a cool dazzle intelligent lock - — WG5。 So, what is the near field sensing technology? Is increased in WG5 intelligent lock lock body of a human body near field induction function: once close to within 50 centimeters in fingerprint lock, circular fingerprint halo began flashing breathing, the entire digital keyboard with light. This function is to facilitate the friends in the dark night lock. When you go home, in the outer handle, handle automatically induction and light fingerprint head and keyboard, switch to the on standby, even in the dark environment, also can quickly open the door to go home. Very convenient, isn't it? Friends don't have to grope in the dark looking for lock, or using a mobile phone a faint light the screen to open the door!
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