Intelligent lock locks and the traditional gap is probably

by:Level      2020-08-05
A door, a lock, intelligent lock or traditional locks? Family security requires a 'lock', so it will be a lot of people face to a choice. To make this choice, the need to understand intelligent lock and the gap between traditional locks. 。 。 When the lock from the tradition towards intelligent have what difference? Another kind of what kind of experience? 1 a smart lock, security can bring it with you. WeChat locks, bringing 2 million wide Angle camera. If one wants to pry the door to be malicious, high-definition cameras to film, timely sent to the host mobile phone. No matter where the user can be fixed by WeChat directly to unlock the door, open view records, accurate understanding of the door switch direction. Mobile and stationary accurate correlation, this is a traditional locks out of reach. Will lock combined with our most commonly used WeChat, replace traditional locks a long list of keys and a series of worry. This gap is: go out free sureness, different. 2 ability stronger, more secure protection. WeChat lock, open WeChat way can be a key to open mobile phone WeChat end, open the door to record also be clear at a glance. Fingerprints on the biological type of fingerprint identification technology, to ensure the uniqueness and replication. Want violence/technical lock is difficult, there are 'one' glyph, explosion-proof handle technical unlock time also need at least 270 minutes. Also met strong impact automatically trigger alarms, automatic lock lock body. Traditional word's locked and cross the grade A lock, and whether the lock is easy to open. Crescent lock and magnetic lock safety performance will be a slightly higher, although there are certain efficiency anti-theft performance, but the lock is only takes a few minutes. This gap is: not every lock can protect a happy home, but smart can lock. 3 what do you want to ing safety is like this! Traditional lock sometimes face forget to lock the door when you leave the worry, sometimes to think of it later to company door is not locked, there is great potential safety hazard. WeChat lock since spring lock body design, close the door automatically locked, completely solved the worry. Another method of high strength drill password touch-screen, bright and smooth surface, which can effectively shorten the open time, removing a touch, effectively protect the security of the password. Fingerprint unlock, fingerprint read protection cover will automatically open and close up and down. Built-in voice prompt function operation. Simple operation, and can remove individual users without affecting the other users. This gap is: protect home smart locks, everywhere for the safety of home. In addition to the appearance, but in a standard step. 。 。 In addition the appearance of upgrading and operation convenience, also is one of the features of intelligent lock. WeChat locks, exquisite appearance, touch shuo li design, intelligent fashion design. Panel high strength metal casting, simple light luxury, popular. Traditional locks used for a period of time will meet the key is bad, need to replace the lock core, add oil lock problem, severe cases need to unlock the door company to solve. Traditional single lock locks the trouble, is really of. WeChat locks, support WeChat, fingerprints, password, induction card, key multimode unlock, emergency situation can use mechanical key to open the door, added security. This gap is that high levels of appearance and smart locks, install it is very convenient!
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