Intelligent lock material choose and buy method contrast ( Stainless steel vs. zinc alloy)

by:Level      2020-06-30
Intelligent lock currently on the market the material used is roughly divided into two categories, one is zinc alloy smart locks, another kind is stainless steel. In general, many consumers are difficult to distinguish the difference between the two and the advantages and disadvantages; At the same time, many smart locks enterprises are sure what consumers like material intelligent lock. Therefore, small make up today specially for your reader to summarize, intelligent lock stainless steel and zinc alloy smart locks the different methods, advantages and disadvantages, and distinguish between, hope it will be of benefit to your reader. A new trends in intelligent locks, intelligent lock industry industry is also present in addition to 'and' phenomenon. But this 'and' whether with pareto 'this principle is different,' here refers to the market share, cited the pareto 'and' just throw a tease. At present, the zinc alloy intelligent lock on the market share is approximately 80%, stainless steel intelligent lock account for only about 20%. Stainless steel intelligent lock for cost reasons, most use in more high-end, or places higher safety requirements; Zinc alloy intelligent lock is because the cost is relatively low, usually a terminal price also more populist. Why would render such intelligent lock industry 'and'? This is from the advantages and disadvantages between the two and their respective characteristics to analysis. Second, the advantages and disadvantages of stainless steel intelligent lock stainless steel intelligent locks are mainly composed of 304 stainless steel at present, can be widely used in different areas, such as coastal, cold, high temperature. 1. ' Stainless steel 】 The advantages of smart lock. 1) Corrosion resistance is strong, can be widely used in high salinity, high humidity, coastal and tropical rainforest regions: 2) Has the characteristics of heat resistance and low temperature strength, can be used in cold, high temperature, or temperature difference between the larger area; 3) High strength, have fire prevention, pry, sawing, drilling, prevent the brace, and other functions, long service life, high safety: 4) Homogeneous structure, density, porosity, sand holes, uniform colour and lustre is bright beautiful, delicate, can keep the original product appearance for a long time. 2. 【 Stainless steel 】 Intelligent lock faults. 1) Stainless steel intelligent lock cost high, generally more than double that of zinc alloy intelligent lock; 2) Stainless steel is a hard, not easy forming, so the style is too single, poor selectivity. The advantages and disadvantages of three, zinc alloy intelligent lock zinc alloy is zinc alloy as the base to join other elements. Often add alloy elements are aluminum, copper, magnesium, cadmium, lead, titanium, etc. Zinc alloy is the intelligent lock industry the most widely used material, then what are the advantages and disadvantages of it? 1. ' Zinc alloy. The advantages of smart lock. 1) The casting performance is good, can die casting precision of complicated shape and thin wall parts, casting surface is smooth, design diversity, optional sex is high; 2) But for surface treatment, such as electroplating, spray, spray paint, color diversity; 3) Have a good room temperature mechanical properties and wear resistance; 4) Low melting point, melts at 385 ℃, easy to die casting molding, design, modelling is more: 5) Costs are relatively low, price is a bit lower than stainless steel intelligent lock. 2. 【 Zinc alloy. Intelligent lock faults. 1) The poor corrosion resistance. When the impurity elements in the alloy composition of lead, cadmium, tin, exceed standard, cause a deformation of the casting and aging, characterized by swelling volume, a significant reduction in the mechanical properties especially the plastic, after a long time and even rupture. Lead, tin, cadmium in zinc alloy solubility is small, and focused on the grain boundary as the cathode, rich aluminum solid solution as the anode in the water vapor ( Electrolytes) Existing conditions, contribute to intergranular electrochemical corrosion. Die casting due to intergranular corrosion and aging; 2) Zinc alloy die casting is unfavorable in high temperature and low temperature ( Below 0 ℃) Use in work environment. Zinc alloy has good mechanical properties at room temperature. But the tensile strength at high temperature and low temperature impact properties are down significantly. Fourth, how to identify the differences general consumer and many intelligent lock industry workers, it is difficult to distinguish between intelligent lock stainless steel and zinc alloy of the difference between smart lock. Here, small make up for your summarized 'a see, two strokes, three number' three methods, hope to help you. Point 1: because the stainless steel forming relatively difficult, so more concise appearance, not much more complex patterns, directly on the surface of wire drawing, don't see plating bubbles and particles; Zinc alloy intelligent lock due to plasticity, so many style, beautiful beautiful patterns, decorative pattern, surface plating bubbles or particles obviously; Stainless steel lock is zinc alloy lock natural luster, delicate and exquisite, simple sense wen run, in the backdrop of the lighting gorgeous skin texture. Key 2: use a hard object in the locks are panel or on the panel, a hard and scratch inside and color inside and unity or similar stainless steel intelligent lock; Texture is soft, and Nick for silver for the intelligent lock of zinc alloy. Point 3: stainless steel intelligent lock due to a hard, so the back panel without positioning protection; And zinc alloy intelligent lock panel and intelligent lock must be casting, and the material quality of a material soft, so need 4 - the back panel Eight positioning points, distributed in the peripheral and central panel. Epilogue: can be seen from the above analysis, intelligent locks stainless steel and zinc alloy intelligent lock is each has his strong point, ring fat yan thin. So far, the stainless steel intelligent lock using the environment is superior to zinc alloy smart locks, and high safety; And zinc alloy intelligent lock is fashionable, design diversity, can satisfy the needs of different consumers. But in small make up point of view, with the progress of technology, the differences between the two will reduce gradually, gap will be gradually narrowed.
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