Intelligent lock opens the door to the smart home leading the industry development

by:Level      2020-08-05
In the policy support, the artificial intelligence development, consumer consciousness enhancement and so on many positive stimulus, China's smart lock industry will usher in rapid development period of the outbreak of the accessories supplier, technical support, smart lock makers, technology of enterprises, security of intelligent lock industry cluster will further mature and improve. Biometric + door lock card identification is one of the most simple and traditional way, but it's problem is that the card report the loss of the real time is not enough, have a risk of being copied, credit card or generations. Biometric technology development to a certain extent, solve the above problems, the technical way type recognition, face recognition, fingerprint identification and palm to refer to the vein recognition, pupil recognition biometric a variety of ways. But for now, fingerprint identification is still the mainstream of the market, only by 2. The era of optical fingerprint recognition module upgrade to today's semiconductor fingerprint identification module. Considering the security card plus password and biometric mix is high safety of common practice. Iot + door lock with the mature of iot system technology, 'the underlying chip - Module - The end - Operator - Application 'complete industrial chain has begun to take shape, wide area coverage advantages highlighted. After the access to the Internet of things intelligent lock standby time should be extended from 1 year to 2 years or so, and no gateway or routing, direct operators base stations, so that the network intelligent lock more security on the network stability and security. Because the Internet of things far more than the existing network signal through walls, basement, even family intelligent lock may through the data transmission to realize the 'password'. Iot technology is 100 times higher than traditional mobile communication network connectivity above means that the same base station can connect more Internet of things intelligent lock device, avoid the drop-off. Internet of things is one of the basic technology of the construction of the intelligent household, under the architecture of intelligent home reflects a more thorough perception, a wider range of connectivity and safer household management, in-depth features such as intelligent system. + artificial intelligence door lock using the artificial intelligence in the field of intelligent locks, main is to realize the seamless connection between the people, machines, systems and communication, let the door has a basic judgment and ability to learn, so as to realize intelligent use; At the same time, through the big data support, intelligent lock can open a lock on the user's habits, habits to carry on the analysis and study, and then through the analysis of user habits into thinking to the machine, to provide users with better experience. Has a self learning intelligent lock, for example, can open a lock in the users to constantly update and operation in the process of learning, then further enhance the lock in the learning process of accuracy and speed, a substantial increase in fingerprint recognition rate, in other words, intelligent lock will use more and more fast, more with more conveniently.
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