Intelligent lock 'phantom password' exactly what to use?

by:Level      2020-07-02
Many intelligent lock when the choose and buy can see about password function in promotional materials on the characteristics of 'phantom password'. Despite the publicity copy as much as possible to make use of this feature of easy to understand, but exactly how to use this function in the process of practical application, and how to guarantee the security of the password? Smart propaganda the phantom password lock, according to data show that the average person will in a short period of time to remember the irregular Numbers and letters are 7 digits, but unfortunately as long as there is a password input function of smart locks, its length is usually in the 4 - verify password Six, few can set more than six intelligent lock password, the password is too long for memory is also a problem. That is to say, the stranger see password is easy to remember the password. Although often can change the password to improve security, but over time it's easy to forget the password, will be more trouble, so disguised increase password length also can improve security, and 'virtual password' is in order to increase the length of the password the birth. Phantom of intelligent lock password functions mentioned above, don't change the password easy to peep, replacing the long password users may not remember, but often change the password if the user will not remember, phantom password on usage in the most simple way to make up for the three shortcomings, correct password length and content is constant, before and after the correct password to join free press number, as long as there is complete and not split the whole string of Numbers in the correct password, you can pass validation. Before and after the correct password to join random Numbers, can improve overall length of the input digital, also can let a most people can't see at a glance to remember password. And before and after the correct password to join the phantom can arbitrarily change the password, is disguised increased the frequency of the password change. So, the real password will be 'surrounded' before and after the inflated a password protection, improved the security of the real password. Phantom password usage for the usage scenario, it is certainly in a 'monitored also can't easily get rid of being watched', in addition to being followed, and other special and rare cases, more have acquaintances in front of the door, I'm sorry to screen door lock muffle. Of course, this case still open a door with fingerprint way more covert and convenient. Although the phantom password technology is not so common, but the effect is very good, when using titanium alloy smart locks with this 'phantom password' function. When use must pay attention to the length of the 'empty password' is not arbitrary length, intelligent lock will be to 'empty password' including real password length to a certain limit, the need to pay attention to when using, fingerprint lock up to support 15 virtual a password.
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