Intelligent lock, present for family

by:Level      2020-07-02
Every holiday, many people will go home to accompany their parents, give them to bring some gifts, but now and is not short of s, want to send some to help daily, durable goods is good gifts, can improve life quality, also reduce the accumulation of waste. So, how to choose, install a smart lock is a good gift. Convenience parents that a generation of people, basic is going out with a big bunch of keys, inside some key is useless, even if lost, still have to go to match a big push the key. Intelligent lock is different, don't go out wearing keys, such as fingerprint, password, and can be used as the key, if the parents eyes and less memory, fingerprint identification or a credit card is ok. A variety of open means, to adapt to a variety of people to use. Security before buying the door mostly match class A, B class lock anti-theft lock, safety performance is not high, due to many years of accumulated at the same time, the more valuable items, more demand for high security lock to protect. Intelligent lock anti-theft lock core C level, the black box of crack, open trial and error, and warning deterrence, real-time status of mobile phone can see the door lock at the same time, to understand parents' in and out of the time. Give parents a smart lock, let parents life easy and comfortable, make life more beautiful. Here I wish all mothers a happy holiday!
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