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by:Level      2020-07-02
Intelligent lock, though, much attention has been paid to buy real use, only part of the less. Many people are hesitant, a because its price is relatively high compared with the traditional mechanical lock, another is poorly understood, have been hearsay not personally try to understand. With some questions and answers below to help understand the intelligent lock. Q: smart locks the higher is the price of the better? A: for smart locks, not the higher the price, the better, the additional function is of not to use it, there are a lot of people will inevitably some waste. Or for many people, the pursuit of cost-effective, the functional requirements can be met at the same time also have no beyond personal budget. Q: what kind of door can be installed smart locks? A: generally speaking, the normal housing door including wood, bronze, stainless steel door, the door thickness in 125 px & ndash; About 250 px, intelligent locks can be installed; And some of the glass door, gate, etc are not suitable for installation. When buying need to give to the customer service, the door of the specific thickness data so that equipped with corresponding length parts, etc. Q: the intelligent lock slide with a hand and monoblock design which good? A: slide and monoblock design both advantages and disadvantages are more obvious, slide is designed to protect intelligence door lock screen and fingerprint reading head, to large degree of protection intelligent door locks, but whether the slide is automatically, if quiet distinction; Monoblock design is relatively simple, and the panel is through special processing, dust-proof and fingerprint residue. Q: smart locks belong to product of science and technology, the operation will have difficulty? A: intelligent lock factory is equipped with detailed operation manual, graphic combination; In the process of operation, with voice prompt function, make the operation more simple. Q: intelligent lock the battery must use special edition? Answer: the answer is no, most just use regular brand 5 alkaline batteries, but also more convenient to buy, can be bought in supermarkets and convenience stores nearby. The development of science and technology is to improve the life, the emergence of intelligent locks in order to open the wisdom of our life, let the life away from key annoyance, enjoy the convenient life comfortable!
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