Intelligent lock security to promote small secret

by:Level      2020-08-04
Gradually along with the development of new and high technology, intelligent household into families, including the emergence of intelligent lock door industry is a major change. Smart door lock is different from traditional mechanical locks, in terms of user identification, security, manageability more intelligent lock, fingerprint lock, electronic combination lock, electronic induction lock locks, remote control lock concrete types such as locks, networking products. Intelligent lock because of its convenience, safety, security, creative and interactive five characteristics, has gradually become a common family, hotels, enterprises and institutions in the first line of physical barrier to protect the safety of personal property. Smart door lock in the family safety first guard the important position, its security is focused on. Then the current intelligent security lock? Such evaluation, relative to the traditional mechanical lock, the safety performance of intelligent lock has a big improvement. The traditional mechanical lock anti-theft depend mainly on the lock core, and intelligent lock using biometric technology, biological characteristics 'uniqueness', repeat rate is extremely low and extremely hard copy, fingerprints, for example, about 15000000000th of a repetition rate, and pry alarm, intelligent lock also has anti drilling design functions such as configuration, technical unlock or violence unlock difficulty is quite high. At present, the intelligent lock entrepreneurs think generally, compared with the traditional mechanical locks, intelligent lock has the revolutionary increase in safety performance. While the priest climbs a post, the devil climbs, while the priest climbs a post, and the rise of any new things, and soon you will be presented with newer technology. The current intelligent lock performance has improved, but its security vulnerability still exists. Different from traditional lock industry, at present the smart door locks had not publish relevant security classification standard, and the smart door lock industry is filled with various products of the sham as the genuine, good and bad are intermingled. Although there are so many ways to smart door lock the door, but the current intelligent products include foreign brands do or do only a common encryption protection, to master a little hacking people very easy can be cracked. Not long ago, the intelligent lock industry appeared the tesla coil is a typical example. At the same time, network began to spread has pushed the family network security to an important position, smart door lock also bear the brunt. As a result, 'how to make smart lock safer' became one of the focuses of enterprises development direction. First of all, the intelligent lock itself to the quality of the pass, the quality to make the first line of defense is not damaged. Second, strengthen the lock anti-theft performance of the heart, to purchase high quality lock. Many enterprises in order to reduce costs, to buy the poor quality of the, anti-theft lock core of low performance, cost is reduced, but the subsequent bring the pitfalls but difficult to afford. And then improve the structure of the lock against the destructive, to join the secondary lock design. More than one lock is worth more than a line, lock of guard against theft or alone is not enough. Finally, the intelligent cloud cloud information to multiple encryption protection lock. Don't say the hacker, simple password protection is ordinary steal secret illegal molecules can open it. Such as qq passwords, WeChat passwords, pay password stolen events emerge in endlessly, so you can refer to the software update after reinforcement password protection measures to strengthen the security of cloud lock. Think, want to promote intelligent lock safety performance, must be 'soft'. Cloud lock, for example, in terms of hardware, using drilling, pry, antimagnetic and shockproof, prevent the side clip square shaft lock design, free hand to prevent violent destruction, equipped with the highest level of security level C lock, etc. ,; On software, intelligent lock from single upgrade to networking, real-time master home, go out with APP real-time information push. In the future, step by step to solve these problems, improving the security of smart locks, to provide users with more security, more portable experience. Then, intelligent lock industry development will be more and more strong, convenience and security of smart door lock will be a lot to replace the traditional mechanical lock.
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