Intelligent lock so fire, what benefits it brings to the user?

by:Level      2020-08-04
At present, associated with 'smart' two characters are very fire, such as smart phone can say now is basically a hand; For intelligent household appliances, intelligent sound, smart car, smart watches, intelligent lighting, and so on, also often hot search. And these two years, intelligent lock is very hot. To what extent of fire? Fire to connect communications, household appliances, the Internet, IT, security and other heavyweights are from all walks of life into the intelligent lock industry. Since smart lock fire, so that it can benefit what our users? Unlock a new recruit to throw away the key henceforth no longer to worry about lock believe that most people have ever been beset by key. Such as often don't know where to put the key; Or come back from work found my keys in the office. There is always a few times a year was locked outside the door, there's not back. But the emergence of intelligent lock, such worries are finally can effect a radical cure. Because, in contrast to the transmission lock, intelligent lock the biggest characteristic is the open means of diversification. At present the most intelligent lock on the market can be through the fingerprints, password, CARDS, mobile phones WeChat, app, such as remote open a variety of ways. That is to say, after installing intelligent lock, open the door no longer keys, solve People's Daily life lost the key forgot to bring my keys and the worry, as long as input a string of password when opening the door or press the fingerprint, or point out his phone and open the APP, can easily open the door, not only convenient and quick. Even if the fingerprint, password and card open for electronic parts is out of order, or the battery doesn't matter if they are unable to open out, still can reserve emergency key to open, you don't have to worry about being 'rejected'. And relatives and friends come, still can be remote or set up temporary authorized and temporary password lock, convenient and hassle free. Security has the smart active security make the home more secure, more at ease in one thousand to lock's duty is to protect the user's personal and property safety, but for thousands of years of locks are gentleman do not prevent a proof, lived in good locks also not necessarily can prevent the thief. Now into the era of intelligent, we lock anti-theft performance is also the development towards the direction of the intelligent? The answer is yes. Perhaps, you concerned about most is the criminals through violence on how to prevent? In fact, your worry is redundant, because now most intelligent lock on the market have pry proof alarm function. Pry proof can connect with the user mobile phone alarm function, as long as violence phenomenon such as open, door, door, the alarm sound of intelligent lock first makes a high pitch, will also take the initiative to the information to the user's phone, the user can remote propaganda warning, according to industry or to the public security alarm, put the theft in the bud. Now there are some smart locks of the surveillance cameras, not only can remote visible interphone, also can be in front of all monitoring and protection, there are mainly stay in front of the outlaws more than set time, send to the user will take the initiative to capture and implement, so high-tech intelligent lock solves the passive anti-theft mechanical lock cannot solve the security problems. Have a coup intelligent interactive care family, lets the home more warmth of the people are always busy, time is less and less with parents, children. Although it can be installed a webcam, you can take out the mobile phone anytime and anywhere to see everything in the home, but, after all, home is a relatively secluded space, a camera in the house always feel some uncomfortable, after all, involves the family's privacy. Now the intelligent lock can bind parents, children and a few other people's mobile phone, as long as they open the door, shut the door, to receive information about yourself, such as: 17:55 points, child home safely; And can also take out mobile phone through the app check the opening and closing record of one day, you can know whether this day children, parents have a normal door, or home safely. So, a smart lock, let the home more sweet. Knot language, convenient is the biggest advantage of smart locks, is one of the biggest pain points of the user. So, it replaces mechanical lock is the trend of the development of science and technology, also will be the trend of the user to choose its own.
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